Grading for Series

Hey Devs!

I personally don’t think book series should be graded together. Series like Harry Potter (Which I’ve finished the first 3 books of, and halfway through GoF - so I’m going to be mainly referencing it) progress in difficulty as the story gets harder. For example, the Philosopher’s Stone (in Korean) has 7,232 unique words whereas Goblet of Fire (in Korean)has 10,392 unique words. For this reason I thought it’d be nice if they graded separately! This isn’t a huge thing, but I think it’d be nice. I didn’t realise when I graded Philosopher’s stone as easier than a few books, it’d make the entire series easier (when it’s likely the last few books are harder than all the books I graded as ‘harder than philosophers stone’) than the books, rather than just Philosopher’s stone!


Oh, great point!

We actually can enable series to have the volumes be independently graded! I will enable that for Harry Potter (we do the same thing for Harry Potter on the Japanese side too).

The only unfortunate thing is that the Korean Version splits each volume over many volumes (i.e goblet of fire has 4 volumes)… and each of those will be graded independently.

While I am planning on making this more flexible by November (will be able to group volumes together into on grading), right now it’s not possible. The only other alternative would be to have separate series for each harry potter book (i.e. a goblet of fire series) which seems not ideal.

Anyways… gone ahead and updated it! So you should now see more gradings.


I guess a temporary solution would be to only grade the first volume and block grading on the others. :thinking:

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Or only the last one, perhaps?

Or all of them… as other wise their gradings won’t update :sweat_smile:

Sick! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
I totally understand the volume part! Take your time

I’ll go through and grade them soon !

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