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exclusive to audiobook.jp but I think it was on sale a while back. The 聞き放題 comes with a free trial phase, so you could look into that.

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I saw medium quite a few times on sale on audiobook.jp, so if you’re not in a hurry chances are you can pick it up on sale.

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I’m already paying for the 聴き放題 of audible, it feels silly to spend more money on audiobooks :sweat_smile:
(Especially since I’m already one third of the way through the book)

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Week 6 is open :trophy:


Week 7 is open :mirror:


Week 8 is open :scarf:

As a quick note, this week’s Interlude scene is not as violent as the last one so I suspect everyone should be able to get through it without worry. There is a gratuitous squelchy knife sound at the start of the audiobook track though.

@mita This week’s reading ends 10 minutes 53 seconds into the third track of 第三話.


Give there have been a few people saying this book is more enjoyable read fast, I wanted to pulse check now that we’re a way into it to see if there is interest/ability to speed up.

As things stand we will wrap this book the week of January 15th.

Do you want to speed up?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
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How fast would be comfortable to speed up?
  • I said I don’t want to speed up :frowning_with_open_mouth:
  • Combine the current assignments / double speed (end week of Dec 25th)
  • Double except for the last two weeks due to the one long section (end week of Jan 1)
  • I have a different proposal
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Option 2 - in detail:
New week 9 – Dec 4th: Week 9 + 10 = ~66 pages
New week 10 – Dec 11th: Week 11+12 = ~55 pages
New week 11 – Dec 18th: Week 13+14 = ~73 pages
New week 12 – Dec 25th: Week 15 = ~29 pages

Option 3 - in detail:
New week 9 – Dec 4th: Week 9 + 10 = ~66 pages
New week 10 – Dec 11th: Week 11+12 = ~55 pages
New week 11 – Dec 18th: Week 13 = ~29 pages
New week 12 – Dec 25th: Week 14 = ~44 pages
New week 13 – Jan 1st: Week 15 - ~29 pages


From my POV both those proposed schedules are backwards because they put the reading heavy weeks at the beginning when I’m still working and the easy weeks at the end when we’re into holiday season and I’ll have more time to read…


How would you propose it be broken up then? Keep the schedule for next weeks 9+10+11 (Dec 4, 11, 18) and then double after that? Or something else?

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Not sure I should be voting, since I’m determined to finish it in the next few days anyway, so I don’t think I should be influencing people who want to keep to the club’s pace, whatever it turns out to be. I’ll remove my vote. :slight_smile:


So, 66 pages from tomorrow on? Won’t be possible for me. The week after that, maybe. :slight_smile:


If we want a 5 week remaining schedule we could do

Week 9 as now, to p275 - 33 pgs
Week 10 to end of chapter 3, p327 - 53 pgs
Week 11 to p372 – 45 pgs
Week 12 to p420 (English sentence containing word scarf) - 52 pgs
Week 13 to end, p474 - 54 pgs

which has some better breakpoints and is more even than option 3.

The week 12 breakpoint word is a minor spoiler for chapter 3, I suspect.

We could as a variant move the week 9 endpoint forward to p286, giving 43/44/45/52/54 pages.


If we speed it up, we’ll need to do a new mystery club vote soon as well, right?


I’m about to step away from the computer for a bit but will put up a new poll with that option before (or with) the new weekly thread tonight. Because it seems a bit mixed in terms of what we want for now the coming week will remain as is.

Yep, same as always. If I remember correctly we take a week break between ending a club and voting, voting takes a week, then we give 2 weeks between the vote end and the new club starting.


Week 9 is open

As mentioned above, this poll relates to weeks after this one.

I would like to change to the following schedule…
  • Double remaining chapters
  • Double except for the last 2 weeks
  • pm215’s proposal, see here
  • Hold up, I want no change to the schedule :raised_hand:
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