🏠 Home Thread for NHKにようこそ! 📺

Week 9 is up! We’re slowly but sure nearing the end. Please make sure to see this post about our next pick!

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Second-to-last week!


It’s our final week! Congrats to those finishing!

Time for the usual post-book polls:

Did you enjoy the book?
  • Yes
  • It was so-so
  • No
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Think you’ll check out the manga/anime?
  • Yep, I want to check out both
  • Yeah, I’m interested in the anime
  • Yes, I think I want to look into the manga
  • No, I probably won’t investigate any of those
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Did the book end up being more or less difficult than you were expecting?
  • It ended up being harder than I anticipated
  • It ended up being easier than anticipated
  • It was about as difficult as expected
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