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It’s kinda nuts that we’re already entering week 7. Time flies when you’re getting mildly annoyed with a fictional child, I suppose.


Right? It’ll be December before we know it and Myne will be all grown up! (?)


Well, she’ll be (is it even a spoiler if you can deduce it from chapter titles?) six.
That’s, you know, something.

Edit: well, it does require week 6-ish knowledge to understand what you are looking at, so spoiler, I guess.


We just moved so I’m in a similar boat. I never even considered the English option… it’s genius :joy:
Now I’m wondering if I should keep plodding along with my half a chapter a day (which will catch me up at about the 3/4 mark) or just read ahead in English…


I’d say, if the (financial) stars align, go for it! Whatever helps you with your understanding, right? I’ve been doing that for Dracula, at least. It helps me keep pace with my own schedule without having to rush/feel like I have to sacrifice my entire life to keep up.

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Whoops; I’m late by about 10 hours, but the new thread has definitely been posted!


Week 9 has been posted! I’ve noted it there, but this is the last week I have page numbers for for the Junior version. If anyone’s reading along with the JP Junior/has access to it, I’d appreciate you tossing page numbers for part 2 my way!


Posting next week’s chapters a few days early since I’ll be traveling:


Week 11’s thread here!

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Week 12 has been posted!

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Week 13 is up! This is the end of the main narrative of book 1; next week is only side stories.

Since this week is the end of the main book, I wanted to put up some polls to get some feedback on the book, as well as our first multilanguage attempt. First off:

Did you enjoy reading 本好き?
  • Yes
  • It was so-so
  • No
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Do you think you’ll continue reading further LN volumes of 本好き?
  • Yes, and I would participate in a spin-off book club continuing the series
  • Yes, but I’ll be doing it solo on my own time
  • Yes, but by reading the manga/watching the anime
  • No
0 voters
How did you feel about the reading pace set?
  • It was too slow
  • It was too fast
  • It was just right
0 voters
How did you feel about our first multilingual book club?
  • I had issues with the setup/support for either or both languages
  • I thought the two languages were handled well
0 voters
Would you be interested in participating in another multilingual book club?
  • Yes, but only if certain changes are made
  • Yes, this setup was fine
  • No
0 voters

More detailed thoughts are always welcome!

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There’s no “yes and I read them already; only two weeks until the last volume comes out!” option :disappointed:


For anyone interested in the audiobooks, just FYI Audible US is having their cyber Monday sale (not sure if you have to be an active subscriber). Most of the audiobooks are about 5 USD right now. The drama CDs are like 1.5 - 4 USD.

I…may have picked up almost the whole series.


Dang, I only see full price audiobooks. :frowning:

Edit: Ah-hah, you have to actually be subscribed to see the sale price. Free trial for the win~


Is premium plus the equivalent of 聴き放題? (i.e. can just just listen to almost whatever then?)
It sounds silly that it’s cheaper than just buying the audio file…
I mean, maybe you’ll want to listen to it 5 times over the course of multiple months (and absolutely nothing else), but, as much as I love that series, even I wouldn’t do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Also discourse is telling me:

You’ve replied to @eefara 3 times, did you know you could send them a personal message instead?

Oh no, a whole 3 times? Incredible.


I’m not the right person to ask, unfortunately; I’ve only got a very passing relationship with audiobook services in general and Audible in particular. They’ve got several tiers iirc and it’s all very confusing. @.@

Nanny Discourse. :face_exhaling:

In other news, I’m now the proud owner of 11 more 本好き audiobooks (says the person who isn’t sure if they like the series or not). Anyone know if the drama CDs are any good?


I guess I should try them… they are on audible 聴き放題 (we only have a single tier in Japan).
I’m probably not the most impartial person to judge their quality, though :joy:

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Not for the American version, no. It’s just 1 book from an ‘extended catalogue’ for free each month - most of which isn’t Japanese. I believe Japanese Audible is different. @Biblio would know more there.

Edit: I realized I explained this badly. I have premium plus which means I pay $15/month for a ‘credit’ which I can use to purchase anything in their catalogue, regardless of price. Audible Plus (which is a terrible name for the basic tier) is like 訊き放題 if you had a really terrible definition of 放題. I technically have their 訊き放題 built into my plan but I don’t think I’ve used it for anything except podcasts

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That’s different indeed. Japanese 聴き放題 (that’s the one I have but, again, it’s also the only option) is 1500 jpy per month and it’s almost everything in the catalog (but you can’t keep anything if you stop).