How are newly published volumes handled when the series is already on Natively?

Firstly, thanks for a fantastic site @brandon , I’ve really enjoyed using this over the last few months.

Sorry if I’ve missed this elsewhere, can I ask how it is supposed to work when a new volume is published for a manga that is already on Natievly? Is it supposed to be automatically added in some way, or should we request each new volume is added? And can it be requested when it is at the prerelease stage?

For one manga series volume 2 seemed to be added automatically, but volume 3 wasn’t and I had to put in a request. I say “automatically” as I was the only one reading it on Natively, so I assumed no one else had put in a request.

For that same manga, the cover image for volume 2 was not right. It looked like the site pulled through the image that is displayed on Amazon when a book is on prerelease, but before the official cover artwork had been added - as below. I assume this is a bug? It never corrected itself.


Hi Micki! I’m so glad to hear you’re loving the site :slight_smile:

So yes, there’s no automatic process for pulling new volumes of a series, you simply just have to send us a request to add more volumes. If you go to the series page, you will find a button “+ add more volumes” which is the best way to send this request (it’'s a streamlined process).

As for ‘pre-release’ volumes, normally we ask that you don’t add as there’s usually no image like you see here. However, we sometimes let these requests slip through and accidentally add a pre-request volume, which is why you might see them on the site from time to time. If a book’s data needs to be repulled from amazon, simply send us feedback on the book page, and we’ll update the image.

I’ve gone ahead and fixed the image here.

Hope that answers all your questions - happy reading!


Ha, yeah gotta be careful of that! I just requested a pre-release volume get added, but I made sure the Amazon page for the print copy had a cover first. :laughing:


I do the same, I wait for the cover to be published then go ahead :rofl:


It does! Thanks for such a quick reply. I think I’d never noticed that there was a separate series page which is why I’d missed the add volume button. It seems obvious now!