How do I edit an activity entry?

I put 48 hours not minutes by mistake. Clicked around loads but can’t figure out how to edit an activity.

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You need to use the data manager. If you go to the page of the thing you were watching or reading, there should be an “edit” button next to the status of said thing (e.g., reading or finished)
Then, you need to select “data manager”.
I don’t know what happens next, since I usually access Natively on my phone and the data manager is not available on mobile. (But there should be a list of activities you logged with that particular item)


got it, thanks.

reading status dropdown → additional options → basic-info drop-down → data manager


this is honestly something i should make clearer… there should be an edit right on the activity :confused:


It would be ideal in this circumstance, but editing reading entries is not something I do often and there will be plenty of people who use the site without tracking their reading, so I don’t know if I’d prioritise as a standalone item. Maybe change that if that area is being worked on.