How do you deal with (accidental) spoilers?

So, yesterday while looking an anime series up, I accidentally spoiled myself quite badly, removing a lot of potential having the feeling to read it.

Do you have any tricks to deal with this once you have gone ahead and spoiled yourself?


Kinda depends on why the spoiler literally spoils the book for you. Does something happen you don’t like? Was a twist revealed? Just because you know how something ends, does not necessarily mean you know how the book gets there and it can still be a fun journey.

I don’t mind spoilers. If the only thing that makes a book/movie/series good, is to not know a particular thing, it’s not much of a loss if I don’t read/watch it and if it’s just one thing along the way than I will still read/watch it.

But if you are a person who enjoys figuring out who-dunnit and that gets spoiled or your OTP is revealed to not end up together, etc., then I can see how the whole book might no longer appeal.

(I sometimes puposefully spoil myself because I don’t want to waste time on a book/series if the outcome is not what I want it to be. :see_no_evil:)

Generally, if I get spoiled by accident, I sleep on it and then decide whether I still feel like reading something. There is so much I can read out there, that not reading something is no big deal for me.


For relatively small stuff, I sometimes just rely on the passing of time – in six months I’ll likely have forgotten that I even read a minor plot revelation of some book…


Ha, I’m the same way! I don’t mind spoilers at all, and sometimes even seek them out, especially if I want to make sure the plot doesn’t develop in a way I’ll actively dislike, or if I feel I’ll need to be prepared for some unpleasant developments.

If it’s a book that I know depends on plot twists, I do generally avoid them, but even if I accidentally read a spoiler I don’t particularly mind, and just enjoy the ride. Not everyone is like this though. I knew someone who liked to go to the cinema without knowing a single thing about the movie, not even the main actors if possible.

Time generally does help with all but the most shocking of spoilers in any case. How likely are you to remember a spoiler about a particular book a year from now?


I sometimes don’t even remember reading a book at all. :rofl:


I would be lying if I said that has never happened to me. :eyes:
And often I do remember reading the book, but nothing at all of the contents. (I guess it’s normal when you read a lot? Right? Right?)


If I see a spoiler by accident I usually just wait for some time to pass before I read/watch something so I forget.

If I see a spoiler for something I’m already reading/watching and enjoying, I’d be a bit sad but still finish anyways (though I may enjoy the ending less).

For stories that are too intense and give me anxiety, I will actually purposely spoil myself so I know the ending and can watch the rest in peace without feeling so stressed. :joy: I googled spoilers for Attack on Titan for example (yes I know, this is psycho behavior).


I also team ‘I know I’ll forget it eventually’. I’d only be annoyed if something was spoiled mid-read/watch.

I also, like others, will intentionally spoil myself to avoid distress. I can’t handle reading about animal cruelty and/or graphic animal death in books, so I am a liberal user of and wish such a thing existed for Japanese books.

Same same. So far my Japanese reading is too small for this, but there are absolutely English books that I’ve forgotten I’ve read, or know I’ve read and forgotten the contents.


I didn’t know such a thing existed! Thank you! :smiley:


I’m just like you; I don’t like getting spoilers. I prefer to be surprised and tend to go in blind before starting something. Maybe I’ll read one review to see if the synopsis interests me, but that’s it.
I really handle spoilers poorly. What I usually do is put the media itself on hold until I find the motivation to start it again. It can take months or even years, but I’m more comfortable this way.


Shake my fist and cry in a corner.

Seriously though, I agree with the “wait and watch/read later” approach. I have a pretty bad memory, so I often forget details even for things I have seen before. So usually if I just caught a spoiler in passing I’ll forget it given enough time. Not always though, and those situations suck.


That has resulted in many a disappointing read, though. :sweat_smile:
I need to find a way to reliably get books.
(I have to say, the forums have been great so far)


I pretty much got summarized in very few lines the most important part of the plot.
While I agree the journey could still be enjoyable, my Japanese reading skills are not there, and me chugging through a LN requires me some effort and will.

Due to those spoilers, that will is now wavering. Maybe I could stick with the Manga, but it’s not nearly as far, and god knows when it will end.

My memory can be very selective. There’s things that I remember clearly from books I read 7+ years ago, and then there are others that I have on the shelf that I don’t even recall if I ever picked them up until I check with my notes.

At this point, sadly I can’t really tell if this will be part of the former, or it will be something that lingers forever.


In your case, I would simply read something else. If your heart really beats for this story, you’ll come back to it at some point but life is too short to read something you know you will probably not really enjoy.


For me it really depends.

If I get spoiled something I haven’t started reading yet, I’ll ignore that book completely. However, since my memory for stories is pretty bad, I might just forget the spoiler and then eventually read it. That usually only works with smaller spoilers, because if the whole plot and ending are revealed, that creates shock, which makes me remember it forever. And if it makes me disappointed in the book, then I’m just not going to read it. So any ending spoiler along the lines of “the love interest was the villain all along”, that book is now dead to me.

If I enjoy the series though, it depends on how I got spoiled, but I usually continue it anyways. Again, two different possible scenarios, I spoiled myself by accident, or someone else did it. If I did it myself, I don’t mind too much, I’ll just continue right away. After all, I can only blame myself, and if I spoiled myself in the first place it’s most often through fanfics, which means I really do enjoy the story. If it’s someone else, I’ll wait some time before continuing to read it, but usually I do end up remembering it.


Depends on what it is. If its a forgettable spoiler then I’ll wait and try to forget it. However if it’s something that I’m currently reading or watching I find it very annoying.

I’ve dropped jujutsu kaisen season 2 mid way because I saw a big spoiler from manga readers. I might continue it one day, who knows.