Improve library page speed when "Collapse series" is "yes"

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We will be focusing on speeding up the server response when ‘collapse series’ is ‘yes’. It is surprisingly slow in some cases imo. We will not be addressing the mobile sluggishness which @seanblue addressed in his comments as we cannot personally reproduce.

I have my library page bookmarked on both desktop and on mobile. On desktop, clicking the bookmark loads my library relatively quickly. However, on mobile after the page frame loads and the spinning is shown, it takes an additional 5+ seconds to load the content of my library. It’s possible this is simply the difference between the performance of my laptop vs. my phone, I don’t know.

Additionally, the performance is significantly worse when “Collapse series” is set to “yes”.

Desktop “no” collapse: 200-250ms
Desktop “yes” collapse: 700-1000ms

I don’t know how to get to the performance times on my phone. However, it seems to take 1-2 seconds when collapse is “no” and about 5 seconds when collapse is “yes”.

Trello link:

Hmm, those mobile times are pretty concerning and a bit confusing.

‘collapse’ should absolutely take a little longer, but its performance has been a head-scratcher for me. It’s a built-in elastic search function (elastic search is the search software I use) and I do see people complain a bit about its performance, but my suspicion has been it’s more sluggish than it should be.

Regardless though, the only difference between mobile and desktop should be network speed. Since the size of the content for your library is only around 100kB, there’s not a whole lot I can do. I can only control server processing time and content download size… the latter of which may be a differentiator between desktop & mobile times, but its not an issue here.

FWIW I tried your library on 4G data and I don’t see an issue. I’d encourage you to try again and see if you experience the same thing. Perhaps there was a temporary slowdown on the search server too, i don’t know :man_shrugging:

Definitely appreciate the feedback on site speed, very helpful. Please continue to monitor.


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It’s pretty consistently slow. I noticed it a couple weeks ago and it happens every time I load the page from scratch. By the way, I’m on WiFi, so I don’t think 4G comes into it.

Maybe we should ignore the mobile aspect and make this ticket exclusively about improving performance of “collapse” = “yes”.

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Well that’s odd and concerning then :confused:

FWIW I don’t have any issues over wifi, so I’m having hard time reproducing. I’m not sure what could be the issue there… mobile & desktop should be quite close in speed over wifi, I think.

Sounds good. I’ll edit the description then. Approved.

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