Improving Reading Comprehension

I recently wrote up some tips and tricks for improving reading comprehension, such as picturing the scene, gauging emotion, and picking out the bones, etc. I thought people here might find it useful.

Anything you think I missed? How did you improve your comprehension beyond extensive reading?


Depends what the barrier is. Is it vocab, kanji recognition, grammar, determining the context/speaker, etc? One thing I’ve done frequently is: Read JP, try to understand, check English, reread JP and figure out how to get from one to the other. Edit: then reread that section to reinforce whatever I figured out


That’s a really good idea! What kinds of reading materials are you using that have English translations? Light novels?

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I read mostly manga, but light novels, or occasionally visual novels too. Most things have translations (either official or by fans). VNs are probably less accessible than the other two, in this sense.

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I’ve been trying to think of things that may help that aren’t what you’ve already spoken about or in your article but I’m kind of coming up short.

One of the things that might help (though they are essentially referred to as graded readers) is books like Olly Richard’s ones that give you a story or a chapter and then ask some questions for to check your comprehension. The point is to read the story or chapter extensively (there is a short vocab list if needed) and then answer the questions to see how much of it you understood. Or using books like the reading comprehension Kanzen master style ones. Unfortunately those are about all I can think of that you’ve not already mentioned. :sweat_smile: