Indicate which books have reviews in search results pages

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When I’m looking at the results of a search in Natively (eg “books level 40 and up”), I get a page of book covers and titles with star rating, category, etc. I’m most interested in clicking through to an individual book page if it has a review (those are what give me an idea of if I might like the book, and I also just like reading reviews). It would be helpful if the presence of reviews could be flagged on the search results page somehow as part of the info for each book.

I don’t personally think number of reviews is as important as reviews yes/no, if the former is more awkward UI visually than the latter.

(You can sort by number of reviews, but that doesn’t help if you wanted to be sorting by some other order.)

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To add to this, it would be useful to be able to see which books you’ve personally reviewed. I’d like to be able to go to my finished books list and see at a glance if there’s a book I haven’t reviewed.

I’m not sure how useful it would be in search results, although perhaps the review symbol could be in a different colour if you’ve reviewed it yourself?