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I wonder if this is why Amazon JP asks me if I want to change my mailing address every time I visit now. Granted it wouldn’t matter since my billing address is still in the US.

I haven’t hit this, but I don’t buy stuff that would be explicit/questionable content. Hopefully they don’t expand this and block all purchases…

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I have a Tenso address I use as a scapgoat for digital purchases.

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I marked きつねのはなし | L32 as finished, but that page still gives me “Why can’t I grade this item?” with a popup saying the book has to be finished or stopped first.


I also have this bug (reported some time ago). Since then I’ve noticed it only happens on books, not movies fwiw.



But then in activity I’m not:


This has been happening to me whenever I add a new book/show to the site, and set the initial status (on the form) as Reading/Watching. However, I think it may only be during the not-yet-approved period.

Not sure if that applies for you here as well.

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There are other people that have successfully registered the activity.

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Did you add either of those items to the site? Or were they already there? I wonder, if you changed it to Stopped and then Watching again, whether it would display properly?

I added the new Spice and Wolf series in ‘wants to watch’ state. Then I changed that to ‘watching (no subs)’ on the video‘s page. @megumin directly set it to watching as it seems.

Interesting… I just tried direct setting it to Watching, and it does show my activity (I immediately changed it to Stopped, so now it shows that instead). I still wonder whether it has to do with “initial person who added this to the site” (not sure if you were saying that was you) and/or “added this to my list, while it was still in not-approved state”

At that time ‘search’ did not work correctly, as it should at least have shown the old series. Therefore I added it, whether again or anew, I actually do not remember. Edit: Probably not as the first person, as I did not get a mail that it was approved.

Probly kills my theory then. Ah well

My ‘started watching’ has vanished.

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Video search has been broken for me for recently - I’ve had to use the add resources page as alternative search function. :melting_face:


I’m not sure if it’s much of a search being broken or it not being approved yet.

I have encountered a few of those. But since the approval status is not visible, there’s no way to tell realistically.

It has been on the site a long time. :cry:

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Ah, I have seen some of those glitched.

Submit a feedback to get them unstuck. Because the sync thing will probably not work either.

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oh, that’s a bug. I thought I was just bad at searching. :rofl:


fixed that for you :rofl:


A requested episode split was carried out a few days ago, but the individual seasons still show “episodes populating”. :thinking:

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ETA: New video additions are using the English-language image rather than the Korean.