👷 🚧 Infrastructure Overhaul! Report newly broken functionality here! 🔥 🚒

Hi all -

So as i’ve been adding new functionality for Video Games & Web books, i’ve ended up taking some time and overhauling the infrastructure of the app and migrating to something called nextjs.

Realistically, this should have very little impact for your experience. You may see little things, like the website load faster (hopefully) and a little blue loading bar at the top of the screen, but ideally you should notice nothing :sweat_smile:. This is mostly for my own productivity and for improving our ranking on google.

Since this is a pretty big overhaul, I do expect that there will be quite a few bugs. Please report anything you’re seeing here!

I’m hopeful that i’ll be fully migrated by the end of the week and we’ll be back on track :slight_smile:

Current pages migrated over (although bugs can appear anywhere):

  • All item pages (books, movies, tv, associated series pages)
  • Some content pages - about us, blog

… and it seems i’ve broken the styling for dark mode when you’re loading… on it!

Edit: The really broken loading styling should be fixed now. Will be attempting to improve that initial load speed, but browsing inside the app after initial load is quick! I.e. browsing from book page → book page or book page → series page… that’s all in app.


Double My Profile on the status bar

the My Books, My Videos and first My Profile links don’t seem to work

Also I can’t remember but I thought there was a link to My Books from the Dashboard book update panel that seems to have wandered off


Good catches! Fixed. That my books link had indeed wandered off…

The sad styling flash is back on some of the book pages… working to resolve again.

If anyone knows why sass styles wouldn’t be applied on server rendered pages, please send me a note :slight_smile:

  1. I use light mode, but it loaded with dark mode then switched to light mode after a sec. This happens every time I load any item page, but not for the about us/blog pages. Is this what you were talking about with the dark mode styling being broken? Or is this a different bug?

  2. The Where to Find section shows this instead of links on all book pages:

  3. The genre/tag lists are empty on all item pages (series and individual items)

Grabbed these screenshots from https://learnnatively.com/book/852ac41090/ since I know for certain these should not be empty, but it’s the same for all pages

  • Showing EN vs JP blurb is no longer sticky and defaults to EN
  • Where to Find has been emptied on at least several books, if not all of them
  • I feel like e.g. setting a book as read or adding a review used to automatically reload the page? Or maybe not reload entirely, but it would update the relevant bit. Like, I’d set a book as read and it would automatically add the date in the little widget thing. Now I have to manually reload the page to see the change.
  • It seems like there’s extra space on the right side on item pages on iPhone now, so the horizontal scrolling problem is even worse

On the dashboard there are no longer links to My Books or My Movies.


When trying to pull up the data manager/progress update page on a book the screen goes blank and the following error pops up:

It only happens for books (TV/Movies work fine), and only on the book page. (It works fine when pulled up from the dashboard.)

Also, when trying to update the date finished on a series it doesn’t update. The “save” button lights up like it registers the click, but nothing happens. This occurs with TV/Movies. I cannot test it with books because I cannot pull up any finished books due to the first issue.

Edit: There is also a formatting issue in the series blurb for books. It shows a “</a>” tag and the hyperlink isn’t working.


Spoiler tags in reviews (new or old) aren’t working. The opening <Spoiler> tag is disappearing, so you’re left with what should be blurred text</Spoiler> (example here: 暁のルナ's review of 犬夜叉 24 | Natively)


Dunno if that’s related to this change but yesterday evening (maybe 8h ago?) I finished a book, but instead of the „grade this item“ button I only saw a spinner. Had to reload the page in order to grade it. (But maybe that was just a one-off on my end :woman_shrugging:)


I clicked on a series (the darakwon series) and this switched Natively from dark mode to light mode, and from Korean to Japanese.

Edit: this switch to Japanese is happening a lot, not just with the above series. I know I only have one Natively page open on my phone, so that’s not the source of the problem.


I also can’t see any activities, whether I’m looking at books or series (no activity for example on Single’s inferno, which I know should not be the case). This may be linked to the problem of the page switching to Japanese.
Just checked, and indeed I can only see activity on Japanese Natively under books/movies.


Everytime I click on 저녁 같이 드실래요, I get this page. From dashboard or book search, both individual volumes and the series page, everywhere. So far I haven’t found another book where this happens.


Finished all of yours @enbyboiwonder and @meagstudies except for:

@nativelearner that is also the source for your updating issue too.

I went back to the long loader, but non-flashy one, so should be a smoother experience, albeit slower. I will figure out these preloading issues though, grr.

Should be fixed

Duly noted. What’s the url for that ‘’ issue?


Wowza! I’ve fixed this and all the corresponding language switching issues (I think). That was the cause of your activities issue as you expected.


Lastly, a minor thing, but I got rid of the hover icon on mobile. I was playing around with mobile more and I found it unintuitive.

Thanks all for bearing with me!! I am trying to get through this as quickly as possible and you all are being wonderful quality assurance agents :laughing:


I’m getting a flashbang when I go to an item, and then my theme choice is not respected:




And it’s persistent? It should be coming from your local storage. And what do you mean a flashbang? Just a quick styling error and then reverting to your dark theme?

Need more detail too, browser & whatnot. I can’t reproduce right now.


Firefox, I’ll try clear cookies and cache and report back. Hold on.

It’s still happening, I get swapped between light/dark from time to time.

Firefox 123.0 64bit Windows 10


I could reproduce it twice but now not anymore.

Whatever it’s happening seems to be happening during the loading screen.

Also I’m getting now two different Dark Themes, depending on the page :


@HopeWaterfall 저녁 같이 드실래요 seems fixed ? Can’t seem to reproduce

@Megumin fixed the dark mode theme so it matches the normal site

@暁のルナ think the spoilers are fixed now


Nice, thanks! It was one of those minor annoyances that something feels weird but you can’t really point it right away.

The links to where the blurbs come seem to be broken still: