Interesting in creating a book club

Hello, I am currently interested in starting a book club. I am not really sure about what others might be intrigued to read, but I am currently interested in ドグラ・マグラ which is free with Aozora or 豹頭の仮面―グイン・サーガ which is not free :confused: . I know these two books are vastly different but the most intrigued me by their あらすじ! I am not really sure how to actually create a book club, but if someone could give me guidance, I would truly appreciate it!

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So book clubs can be as informal as you want; if you wanted to throw up a thread saying, “hey, I’m reading this, read with me if you’re interested” and just go from there, that works. If you want to try to coordinate a bit more formally with people though, I’d recommend putting up a few polls gauging interest, when to start, etc. You don’t necessarily need a formal schedule or anything, it’s totally up to you.

I would recommend keeping all the discussion in one thread (unless there’s a ton of interest or you would like a formal schedule with weekly threads).