Japanese recommendations in Vienna?

I hope everyone can forgive me for using this forum for crowdsourcing some travel tips (again) :face_holding_back_tears: I am going to head to Vienna in a few days. I was wondering if anyone has tips on good Japanese stores? I do not speak a word of German and the stores I could spot online seem to only do manga in German :see_no_evil: my preference of course is novels, but if there are any other good restaurants or neat places please let me know!

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Disclaimer: I am not from Vienna nor have I done any shopping for Japanese stuff there, but I tried to find things online that might be interesting for you.

The most promising store I could find is the university bookstore branch that’s next to the university language center, but I couldn’t figure out whether they have Japanese books. So it might not be the case after all. You can find it here: https://maps.app.goo.gl/JU1nfCqtR9fbazA9A

Planet Japan is a store for fan stuff like figures, cosplay costumes and the like. They also seem to sell manga but I wouldn’t be surprised if that were only translated copies.

There seems to be quite the number of Japanese restaurants (ramen, sushi, other stuff, as it seems); just point Google Maps to Vienna and search for “japanese restaurant”. (Can’t recommend anything as I haven’t been, sorry!)

There’s a Japanese store that sells food and other stuff: https://maps.app.goo.gl/WHEt99xGpdV9X2sJ8 Somebody on Reddit claimed that they might also have a small number of books but I have no idea if so and if yes, what they have in stock.

Somebody else on Reddit mentioned https://maps.app.goo.gl/PtZdKRRT2w7KXPCJ6 but it looks to me as if they only sell translated manga. The person on Reddit said that one can maybe order stuff there as well, but I guess you’re not staying long enough.

I guess this list isn’t of much help after all :woman_shrugging: Sorry for that and I hope you enjoy Vienna!


Oh that is so kind of you to look up all these recommendations! I really appreciate it and I will definitely check them out :grinning:


Unfortunately, we don’t have any Japanese bookstores.

There is a Japanese supermarket and close by a Japanese teashop (where you can also buy some sweets and onigiri) and restaurant. (I used to go to the teashop pre-pandora quite regularly.)

Both of these are manned by Japanese (or Japanese speaking) people, so you don’t need German. :wink:

I don’t know if the staff all speak Japanese, here. They look Japanese for the most part.

The bookstore nikoru linked

probably does not have Japanese. There is a branch further into the campus - which google doesn’t have and that branch stocks books needed by the Japanology faculty also situated in the campus. (Basically my alma mater :face_holding_back_tears:) It’s probably still mostly textbooks and scripts, though. (I haven’t been there in 15+ years.)
But if you are in the area, the campus itself is quite nice to walk through and being a student area, lots of decent food places in and around it.

Very generally speaking, you’ll be fine with English in shops/restaurants in Vienna.


Super, thank you so much! I really appreciate the recommendations, and also the reassurance on English. My only German comes from when I used to recruit for German companies… so I can say ‘please leave a message after the tone’, which I’m sure will be very useful :see_no_evil:



I hope you have a lovely time in Vienna.
We are all bark and no bite. :sweat_smile:


I addition to the other recommendations people already shared, I could recommend this restaurant “Nihon Bashi”:


A long time ago when I used to live in Vienna, I also really liked this very small restaurant “Kuishimbo” that appears to have changed its name to “Hiroko-San?!” Maybe someone in Vienna can confirm if it’s still open or not (@Biblio hilfe?!) since it’s worth a visit and also right next to the Naschmarkt, which is a typical place to visit in Vienna. :blush:


I am not sure if it is run by the same owner as the Kuishimbo at the Naschmarkt but this restaurant “Kuishimbo Shokudo” also looks great and the food is probably fantastic if it’s the same management. :blush:


Vienna is a very beautiful city with lots to see and do so I hope you have a great visit! The people are kind of unfriendly but if someone is rude to you, don’t take it personally and just see it as part of the “Vienna experience”. :joy: Make sure to also visit some classic cafes and try the pastries and cakes!


I live fairly close by, so I’ll try to pass by on my walk later. :sweat_smile: I rarely (aka never) eat out near my appartment, for some reason. :see_no_evil:

Which reminds me… I can recommend Ebi, which is basically an all-you-can eat sushi place, where you order via a tablet. They have various locations: https://www.ebi-vienna.at/

and in case you are お金持ち :sweat_smile:


These are all such super recommendations :face_holding_back_tears: getting more and more excited!


It is indeed open. :smiling_face:


Wow thank you for going out of your way to check, that’s so kind of you!

don’t worry, it’s really close by. :slight_smile:


As already mentioned, we don’t have any japanese book stores (that I know of). :frowning:

But if you’re also open to movies, a japanese film festival will hapen from oct 5 - 11, not sure when you’ll arrive/leave and if that is interesting to you, but I’ll leave the link regardless :slight_smile: https://www.japannual.at/

edit (forgot to mention): films are in japanese with english subs + seems like 3 of the films include a q&a with the director afterwards!


I keep forgetting about this even though I literally live a stone’s throw away. :rofl:


Amazing, I might just catch this! :grinning:


Nippon-Ya actually has a small selection of second-hand books you can buy on the cheap. You won’t find manga (though occasionally a tankobon may show up), but they have enough books that something may catch your eye.


Ooh I love second hand books! I will check that out, thank you! :smiley:

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I guess you’re already here? In case you haven’t checked out Nippon-Ya yet, that’s what they currently have in stock (also maybe interesting for anyone else who might stumble onto this thread later on :D):


Thank you! Actually I went to Nippon-ya today and picked up an 赤川次郎 mystery :grin:



I like to imagine these were originally bought by the same person, at the same time