Korean Websites to Practice Reading 👀

Let’s share recommendations for Korean websites to practice our reading skills! :smile:

A little tip: a pop-up dictionary such as Toktogi can be a useful tool for language learners.

:star: recommended

Children’s News Sites





Webtoons / web novels

Note: This is now a wiki, feel free to add your recommendations directly to the list above.


I have a question about this one. I was checking one webnovel and could see that the first 25 chapters were free, but not the rest. Does that just mean I need an account (but can otherwise read for free) or is it going to be paid content?


I think it’s paid content, but I’m not 100% sure - I can never get Naver to accept my phone number to make an account. :frowning_face:


Okay, I could make an account… but I don’t understand anything, so who knows.
It seems like they use :cookie: as their internal currency and you need to spend some (probably one, considering the real money price?) to read those chapters. They are also selling a pass of some sort? I would assume that it lets you read as much as you want instead, but again, I’m just extrapolating :face_holding_back_tears:

Now I need to find out how to delete my account…
Edit: that wasn’t so bad, there were instructions in English on how to do that.


It just occurred to me that I never mentioned the app 브런치스토리. It kind of left my mind, but I remember people practicing their reading skills on there. It’s an app for writers and you can read short stories and essays on there for free.


I heard they had a lot of romance short stories? But I haven’t had the time to read any. I was thinking it’ll be cool to make an advent/list with short stories from there like the one in the Japanese thread.


Oh that seems like a great website! Only problem is though, there are so many stories, it’s hard finding something close to my reading level. Petition to add these to Natively (or make it so that we can request them to be added) @brandon ?

I found a korean magazine website where you can some of their magazines for free. https://m.moazine.com/magazine/list.asp?categoryid=99


I was talking to my Korean language exchange friend and she mentioned this to me. 조아라 : 스토리 본능을 깨우다 (joara.com)

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