Learn kanji writing while reading with 字宅

Hello everyone!
Have you heard about jitaku 字宅 ?
It is an application that uses SRS to help you learn kanji handwriting and vocabulary.
And with the recent update it is becoming a new way to read Japanese. The reader lets you check vocabulary word and add them to your SRS cards as you read. And it will hide some kanji from the text that you have to guess and write. The hidden kanji are selected based on your level and the ones you are currently studying.
I thought I would post the application here, as it might help people who likes to read. I am currently reading こころ from 夏目漱石 and it is really a pleasure to be able to learn the writing while reading.
Right now it is not yet possible to import from epub, it only supports raw text, but epub support will be coming soon.
Please ask me if you have any question or feedback :blush: