Link to "other books at this level" from "level nn" tag popup

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When I’m browsing around in Natively and looking at a book page, I often find myself wondering “hmm, what else does Natively have at this level”? At the moment to do that you have to remember the level number and then navigate to the search and fill in the filter with level numbers, which is pretty cumbersome.

The instinctive thing I do in this situation is click on the “level nn” tag – even though I know it doesn’t do this, I keep subconsciously expecting that it ought to go to a page for “level nn books”. So my UI suggestion is to add a “show other books at this level link” to the popup you get now.

Possibly the link should show you also books at a level up/down from the exact level? I’m not sure about what would be most helpful/interesting to see.

Trello link:


Also, for anyone else reading this request, this an excellent example of how to describe your use case. @pm215 first described their experience and what they wanted to do but couldn’t. Only after that do they offer a possible solution.

This is better than, for instance, only suggesting a link from the level tag… as I very well could solve @pm215’s need by a specific section ‘other books around this level’ on the book page, rather than the tag.

However, I do agree that a quick link from the level tag is a good idea for a variety of reasons, and could operate for needs in a variety of situations. :slight_smile: