List Creation Improvements

I have a few suggestions for improving the creation of lists.

  • Do not limit the search results OR allow the use of quotes to show only exact matches. When I was searching for 理由 by 宮部みゆき, it did not show up in the search results because there were too many similar titles. When I searched for 宮部みゆき, it did not show up in the search results because the author has more books than would fit in the limited search results. I had similar issues when searching for titles that have a single character, like 蛇. The solution I found was to save my list, go to the book page, add it to my list from the drop down, and then go back to my list to continue editing, which is cumbersome.
  • Display the author’s name in the search list. There are some books that share the same title, but have different authors. It would be helpful if the author could be added to the right of the search results similar to how "Book | " is added at the left to distinguish between books and movies with the same title. (Ex: searching for “穴” would display “Book | 穴 | 小山田 浩子” and “Book | 穴 | 仁木 悦子” in the results).
  • Add a save button next to the delete button at the top of the list when editing. I was creating some rather long lists, and it was tedious to scroll all the way to the bottom to save my changes when I was just editing the description. I also almost hit the delete button a couple of times when I wanted to save because I was expecting a save button there.

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