Lists: Make level tags automatic

Description of your request or bug report: Currently when making lists, you have to manually add level tags. This is unnecessarily cumbersome (especially for long lists), and seems like something that could be automated. Though I can see why manual could be useful, if there’s say a list with an outlier level tier (like a list that has 6 L33 books and 1 L22 book or something). I think it would make the most sense to auto-populate the level tags, and then allow for manual editing.

Not the biggest deal, but would be nice to have.

Trello link:

Yeah I would be a little worried about the outlier case too. Otherwise it would be useful.

Would this auto-update every time you edit a list (e.g. add a new entry)? What if you add a new entry at a level you previously untagged due to being an outlier?

Roughly, I would do it something like this:

  1. During list creation (or maybe on initial save?) auto-populate levels, and have an icon/option for the user to edit
  2. Future entries are not auto-populated, but you can auto-populate them by clicking a “sync levels” button. This prevents the edge case
  3. Alternately, provide a checkbox “Prevent level auto-sync” that stays consistent btwn updates

(Adjust the verbiage/button titles to whatever sounds best)