Looking for books about

Mostly looking for autobiographies/non-fiction in Japanese that are pretty easy to read (N2/N3) that are about:

  • women in their 30s and loneliness
  • books about not feeling settled or not being able to find your ‘home’
  • about the Korean experience living in Japan
  • any non-fiction books about japan nature/artisans/aesthetics that you loved

I tried to ask chatgpt, but it just gave me fake titles with pertinent descriptions :slight_smile:


私小説―from left to right | L39?? kind of meets some of your criteria but fails badly enough on the others that this isn’t really a recommendation:

  • it’s semi-autobiographical, so maybe a half mark there
  • it’s about a 32 year old woman who was born in Japan, moved to the US at the age of twelve, and doesn’t really feel at home in either country
  • but the biggest fail here is that it doesn’t count as “easy to read” by any stretch of the imagination – I think it’s about a Natively L40

It’s pretty good, though :slight_smile:


Just a heads up that we’ve got a general Seeking Recommendations thread where we try to collect general requests:


Sorry about that! I will post there.