Looking to start a book club

Hi all,

I was just looking to see if anyone might be interested in starting a book club with me. I currently own two series, ひげをそる。そして女子高生を拾う。and 俺ガイル. I’d like to start up something with those, but am totally open to something else if those don’t work for everybody. These are pretty advanced level Japanese books so I get that it might not work for all.

Feel free to reply and let me know if you’re interested!



The light novel or the manga?

I can’t find this one. Can you post a link?

The light novel. Here’s the link:

Ah, okay. I wasn’t familiar with the abbreviation for that series.

Are you interested in reading just those two books? Or are you open to expanding to more of a light novel book club? I would think there should be plenty interested in the latter, at least. You could put up a poll as well to help gauge interest.

Happy to expand to just light novel club. Just gauging interest. Yea ill make a poll. Thanks!


I don’t have these books but may be interested in a light novel book club. I’m still pretty low level though so I may need to wait a bit before I can actively take part.

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I’d be interested in either. Here’s a link for ひげを剃る。そして女子高生を拾う。for anyone who’s unfamiliar:


We could possibly just have everyone pick something of there own to read and just post about it as we go. That way you can go with something that works for you. Appreciate you showing interest!

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I think the fun in a book club is that you’re working
together towards something in common. Otherwise it’s not really any different than posting in the “What are you reading today?” thread, imo.


Plus it’s easier to get specific help with something, since everyone’s on the same page, as it were.


I’m not much into light novels, but I’ve run an my fair share of book clubs on this forum as well as on the WaniKani forums so I’ve been through the ups and downs of it It can get stressful, don’t do three at once. That’s not fun.

If you need any help re: how to set up the polls, what cadence will generally make people happy, how to organize nominations, etc give a shout and I’m happy to help. In fact, I imagine many of the experienced book club runners would be happy to :slight_smile:

I agree with @lunacodes and @eefara though that the joy and the benefit of a book club comes from everyone reading the same thing, at the same time. You get to share your reactions to turns of events, vent your frustrations or adoration of characters, ask detailed nuance questions, etc with a group that is on the same page as you already.


I was part of a multilingual book club at one point where everyone was reading the same book but in the language of their choice. We were able to ask questions but it made it difficult if you were the only one reading in that language. Context helped to figure out where you were but it was easier to explain nuance if they were all reading in the same language.

I’m happy to try to go with what everyone else is wanting to read though. I just would need to buy it if I don’t have it yet.

Would being able to choose whether to read or use the audio book version (if there is one) be a possible option?


Oregairu has good audiobooks. It’s like listening to anime, but, while I think 34 is a bit high, it’s definitely not the easiest, despite being SoL.

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I would think that would be a reasonable thing for sure. If you’re doing audiobook only you might need to exert some extra effort to identify where your question is if people need to check in the book itself, but otherwise it’s still the book, right? I know I’ve listened to one of the mystery book club picks as I read along, and there were no issues there.


Just since I’m curious about people’s thoughts, and @Dexter might be busy (my apologies if you already had stuff planned!), I thought I’d toss together a couple of polls to better gauge interest.

Would you be interested in participating in an LN book club?
  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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What level of LN are you comfortable reading?
  • L20-26
  • L27-33
  • L34-40
  • L40+

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has been on my radar, and if it has audiobooks even better.

And you can buy them in the USA webpage with credits on premium, so if doing that by any chance, count me in.


LN series I have on my radar (and thus will likely join a BC for):

LN Series I have already started (and likely will join the discussion):

LN series I have DNFed (but might join the discussion):

(sorry for the long post, but if I hide it under the “details” tag, all the info gets lost :pensive:)


If nothing else we’ll never run out of easy nominations, at the very least.


Thanks! Yea ive got other things atm I need to prioritize. Appreciate the polls