Make skip gradings checkbox for books more visible

So I have a book series that keeps popping up for gradings which I didn’t finish reading, and I don’t feel qualified to submit a proper rating as I dropped it quite early.

My make-shift solution was to remove it from the library, but ideally I’d love to have a skip button either on the advanced options in the book itself, or when I’m being asked to grade it, have an option to say “Always skip X title”.

Trello link:

Umm, that does already exist. I’ve used it several times for manga I read so long ago that I don’t remember their difficulty well. It works exactly as you requested.



Ah wow, I didn’t see the cog wheel there, maybe make it more visible?

Edit: I’ve updated the title.


@Megumin I’m glad you finally found it with a little help :slight_smile:

I’ll approve this and you can log it, but I can’t say it’s terribly high priority. But if i’m back in that UI at some point, perhaps I can see if I can make it more intuitive. Additional settings like will have to live in some sort cog like I have now, but can think if it can be better.

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While I do agree that it would need to be a cog if there was more than one option hidden there other than Skips, I would change it in some way if there’s only skip options with either of the options:

  • First time you are grading, explain what the cog has in a tooltip, as sort of a tutorial.
  • If you are always skipping the same book, suggest to permanently skip the book.
  • Change the cog to a text “Advanced Skip Options” or something similar

Also, by going to the book, and in the More options panel, I think I should be able to mark it as a skip, or if I set it as skip, be able to remove it.

This window is the one I’m referring to:

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Those would be all good additions, but it’s also a lot :sweat_smile:

Worthwhile to put in the ticket though as suggestions.