MAL sync with Natively?

Is there a way to sync MAL with Natively?

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Currently there is not.

Is there any way to export the Natively list in CSV or XML?
I haven’t used the site in a long time.

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I have thought it would be useful to sync Natively and AniList before. I’m not good at remembering to manually update my AL list (the manga reading app I use does it automatically), so it would be nice if updating progress on Natively could also update whatever tracking site you use.


I’ll approve this as speculative, but my inclination is that it’s pretty hard to do and would be relatively low priority. MAL only applies to animated content & manga/LNs, which is only a portion of the site content which will continue to decrease (we will be expanding languages / content types).

MAL also represents those things a bit differently (no notion of volumes).

I totally understand the want though.

I will say, since you can download your Natively data now, you could do a Natively → MAL sync potentially? Someone would just need to write the code.

At some-point adding a CSV Import to Natively would be nice… but I don’t think there’s a request for that yet!

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The idea could be expanded to other tracking sites for various media: Goodreads, Bookmeter, IMDB, TMDB…