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Currently if you want to do more grading than required, you have to go to a specific item’s page to find the ‘grade extra’ button. It would be useful to be able to do extra gradings straight from the dashboard or the gradings page on your profile.

I’m not sure whether it would be better for extra grading accessed this way to be in some kind of order or completely random, but as there could be a large number of potential comparisons maybe it would be a good idea to cap the number at 25 or 50, then ask if the user wants to continue.

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You have a general more gradings button on the main page. Mine is currently not available because there are no gradings.

Aren’t you referring to regular grading rather than extra grading, though?

Once you finish a book, you’re offered six comparisons to grade (I’m offered 10 for Korean, I guess because it’s still in beta?), but after that you can go to the book page and select the option to grade extra. It lets you compare the selected book with all the other (eligible) books you’ve read.

Even though I don’t have any gradings available on the dashboard, I can still go to individual books I’ve finished and use the ‘grade extra’ button to generate 50+ more comparisons.

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I thought those were included. :flushed: Nvm then. :see_no_evil: leaves vote and sneaks away quietly


The thing is, those votes aren’t taken into account by the algorithm anyway.
I agree that comparing books is fun, but I’m afraid people would just click on this without reading the small prints…

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I’ve noticed that extra grading does affect the levels of Korean books, though. I’m not sure how the algorithm works - maybe it still only considers X number of ratings, but the extra gradings give it more choice so it can pick more precise comparisons?

Extra gradings may not affect Japanese book levels (yet), especially if they’ve already been graded by several people, but I suspect it does have an effect on books that have only been graded by one person (and so is more relevant for new languages).

If “extra” doesn’t give them the hint, there’s a pretty obvious warning on the grading page; I feel like those should be enough - there’s not much you can do if people choose not to read things. :woman_shrugging:

I suppose the button could be smaller and have a muted colour if it’s a real concern.


Extra gradings do not affect the levels of korean books, but @bibliothecary you’ve done so many I may convert some of them to standard! You’re a champ!

TBH, I’m not entirely sure I want to encourage extra gradings all that much until I could incorporate them. I’ll approve this as speculative


Hmm, maybe it just took a while for the gradings to change the level, then. :thinking:

I’m trying to do all the extra grading while the info’s still fresh in my mind - I’m not confident I’d be able to remember books well enough to grade them in a few weeks, never mind months… I also get a bit annoyed when I notice I’ve graded A more difficult than B, B more difficult than C, but C more difficult than A (even if there are valid reasons) - I feel more at peace with it the more comparisons I do. :rofl:

Maybe extra gradings could be incorporated for items with <x users who have submitted gradings? Or some kind of sliding scale?

This stuff’s too complicated for my little brain. :laughing:

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