Multiselect for bulk actions, like adding tags

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I’ve been thinking of adding a custom tag for manga I own physically. But the thought of clicking through hundreds of entries one by one sounds terrible, so I don’t bother. It would be great if there was a way to select multiple entries. This could be for various actions that can be done in bulk, but I would be happy just to get an option to bulk apply a custom tag.

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I made one, and also barely used it, for similar reasons. I just keep a spreadsheet for physicals now, but I agree that multiselect and bulk actions would be incredible


Adding in more support for this request! I want to add a tag that’ll be applied to at least a hundred books, and doing them all separately really makes me hesitate.


This would be helpful in the Spanish video section for bulk tagging specific dialects or dubbed media. I only do this for videos I add because it would otherwise be overwhelming, but even when I do 5 or 6 it’s a bit of a drag going one by one.