Muted forum tags not visible when watching/tracking

I have the “bookclub”-tag muted to avoid all the weekly spam, but still have few threads there I want to follow. However, even if I have those threads watching/tracking, they don’t show up on my main page/recents. Missed some bookclub threads/voting because of this :confused:.

I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to work, as I believe this is a pretty common use-case. At least WK forums show threads from muted categories when you track them.

Any thoughts?

I wonder if it’s because rather than a bookclub category we use tags here? Tags vs category might be handled differently behind the scenes.

Edit: sorry you missed the voting! I tried not to post about it too much on WK to avoid annoying people so I think I announced just once in ABC, IBC, and the read every day thread


True, it might be something to do with handling tags vs. categories.

Actually I luckily noticed the Mystery club voting this time! I think I only missed it last time and the start of 四角館の殺人, so I didn’t end up reading it.

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You might want to ask on the Discourse Meta forums. It certainly sounds like a bug to me.


Posted it here if anyone is interested: Muted forum tags not visible on homepage when watching/tracking - support - Discourse Meta