My Spanish reading and studying experiences - CatDQ


This language learning log won’t be as frequent as my Japanese one but I’ll try to update it every so often.

With Spanish, I’m going to take a different approach. No textbooks, no formal tutoring, just reading and listening. I’m not too fussed about writing in Spanish but I would like to speak it. There is a speaking course where it is listen and repeat to help build sentences but that will be tue only led learning. Everything else will be reading and listening.

First up will be the Spanish book club “La ciudad del las bestias” next week. I have the audio book and physical book so I will try to keep up with the club if I can.

I’ll be doing Spanish less often than Japanese, just picking one or two things and doing a few hours per week max, not every day and see how it goes.


Glad to see another Spanish log! I’m looking forward to following along! :blush:


I’ll probably be like the dog in the burning house meme “this is fine” :joy:

I studied a bit of spanish previously and got on ok with it just by reading and practicing the speaking course by Paul Nobel. Albeit I was still pretty much a beginner when I stopped, I did find I was able to read short sentences pretty quickly and understand some stuff from context or from the fact the word was similar in English.



Well, I managed to listen to “La ciudad del las bestias” but as expected, I didn’t understand much of it. I got the gist of it though but I think this will be a purely listening experience to get an ear for Spanish again then once I’m more comfortable with studying again, I will look at splitting my time for studying between Spanish and Japanese.

I have some beginner graded readers in Spanish as well as the audiobooks for them so will look at that once I’m ready.