Natively Amazon Bookmarklet

What it does

You drag and drop a link to your Bookmark toolbar, and when you are in an Amazon book page:

Pressing it will make a small popup with natively open, for easy adding to your account:

How to enable

Discourse doesn’t like javascript links, go here to how to enable it.


If anyone wants to review the code:

var asin = document.getElementById(“ASIN”).value
var baseUrl = ‘Japanese Books Difficulty List | Natively’ + asin;, ‘_blank’, ‘menubar=no,toolbar=no,status=no,height=700,width=400’)


Since it’s going to be a while until the public API is a thing, I have created this for my own use.

I figured I’d share it as someone might find it useful.
Also excuse the lazy-ass HTML where the bookmarklet is hosted.

This can be potentially be expanded to other marketplaces. Do let me know if you want one in particular. But for now, only works on physical books. Ebooks might require some other tweaking on how things are looked up and might not provide exact matches.

If @brandon were to enable searching by ASIN on natively, it would also start working on kindle books, and not just on physical books.