Nonfiction category

I would like a nonfiction category for books (I’d rather they not be in Other)
I never feel particularly inclined to browse ‘Other’ as it sounds so vague and for all I know could include things like poetry collections, magazines, and such. I think it would be helpful to categorize books as nonfiction as it’s a very large subset of books.

Trello link:

I haven’t read any nonfiction yet in Japanese so I didn’t even know they’re in Other! I agree, it makes way more sense to have nonfiction as its own category


I’d like this, too - in English I tend to read more nonfiction than fiction, so it actually confused me a little when I first found Natively and there was no section for it. There’s not a ton of nonfiction in the ‘other’ category at the moment, but it being hard to find doesn’t invite adding it to the site, and my impression is that it makes up most of the category.


Approved. It does seem to be a bit more of a category than a book type… something that might be handled by content tags, but I guess I could add it to the list as well. I agree, it’s large enough to warrant a category i think.