Option to block moving icons

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I just hate them, they are irritating my eyes.

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What moving icons?


So far, I saw two persons using - I assume - an animated gif as icon, like when I would use a dandelion seed that would float through the air, which it then would constantly do while you are reading this.

Never mind, I made Safari block them just for me.

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Are you referring to the forums or Natively itself? I assume the forums based on your comment? I didn’t even realize that was allowed.

Glad you figured it out with the browser.


Maybe it’s an on desktop thing? I’ve also never seen/didn’t realize it was possible… But it would drive me crazy too (attention/focus issues)

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I have a browser extension on desktop that blocks gif animations, but nothing like that on mobile. But yes I agree it would be very frustrating.

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Oh cool! If only that existed for Discord 笑

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I use discord 95% on my phone… So that option is basically irrelevant for me. Even on laptop, it doesn’t really matter what it’s doing when I’m not looking at it.

Thx tho!

Huh, I’ve never noticed any animations on the phone app. Hmm…

(the same setting is on the iPhone app, so maybe that’s why)

Maybe ppl you talk to just never use animated gifs/stickers? I definitely have to suffer through it on Android :joy:

I’ll try investigating the setting I guess