Option to exclude specials from list counts

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This is kind of a weird request, and I’m not sure how it would work. Basically, special “seasons” are all over the place and it’s often the case that I watch only some or none of those episodes. So I find it misleading when my list says I watched 3/4 seasons of Yuru Yuri or plan to watch 3/4 of Chihayafuru (for example), even though both only have three seasons.

I’d like some option to not include the special seasons in those counts. That said, I don’t know what to show if you do watch a special season in one instance. Do you show 4/3? Probably not. Maybe show 3/3 anyway? Maybe show 3/3 if you didn’t watch the special season and then bump it to 4/4 if you did? None of the options are particularly good, so if you don’t see a good way to handle this I understand if you decide to skip it.

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maybe if you watch a special season the count could show 3/3 (+1) :thinking: and the brackets simply don’t show if the special season has not been watched? :thinking:


I like @Biblio 's solution if it fits in the UI! Approved.