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I should definitely do a checkup, I take vitamins from time to time, and I know for sure that my vitamin D levels are suboptimal… Just hate going to the doc :sob:


Same here so I really feel you :sob: but it was a relief to find out about and take care of for me. Plus it’s good to know what’s going on with your health in general. Especially when your hobby needs some brain power and energy. :brain:


I feel the same. I also prefer at minimum 8 hours of sleep (and woe be to me if they’re not particularly restful), and my job is not particularly intellectually rewarding, so I end up having to seek that sense of fulfillment in the leftover hours of the day.

It’s a problem I’ve wrestled with for some years now, and while I still haven’t found The Solution, I’ve been trying some new stuff this year, specifically changing up my daily schedule (as much as I can) each month. Putting a priority/focus on something different each month, then seeing how well I stuck with it, whether I liked it or not, etc. sometimes it goes great, sometimes I get sidetracked halfway through and it feels like I never started. I’ll jot down my thoughts at the end of each month, what I liked, if I want to carry any habit over, and then try again, this time with something I couldn’t/didn’t focus on the last month.

So all’s that to say, maybe changing your daily would be refreshing and be able to give you perspective?


How does that look for you? I mean, what sort of habits?

New things generally work well for me, though I’m not particularly analytical about them, maybe that would help.

Regarding shaking things up, I do suspect I have ADHD, though I think I could never get diagnosed since I never had issues with grades, which seems so be a major KO for the diagnosis if you weren’t struggling with school as a kid.


So typically, there are a bunch of different things I want to do with my day but not nearly enough time to do them all: read (English), read (Japanese), read (Spanish), play videogames (English), play videogames (Japanese), study (Japanese), write (English), translate, exercise, etc. What I normally do is prioritize reading (due to book clubs) and spend my leftover time as evenly as I can, which works out 0% if the time; I just end up reading and nothing else.

So for example, in February I put priority on writing and translating and would only read after I’d done a satisfactory amount of either or on the weekends. This went well up until about the halfway point, in which I got mega-sidetracked with something I was reading in English. I was able to find obvious issues with how writing and translating were grabbing my attention, though; if they had been doing a better job I would’ve stuck with them for longer.

Then March came, and I decided I wanted to focus on videogames, specifically English ones. That month went better, and I was able to see how out of habit I’d fallen from books and languages taking up the majority of my time for some years now.

So just stuff like that. Not a radical shift in how I cut up my time each day, but an attempt to truly change my focus for a short period of time and seeing how that works.

(Sorry for any typos, I’m on mobile.)


That’s really super interesting! Might be something I could try, if I get my willpower up just a little to organize my priorities :melting_face:


I have chronic fatigue (and chronic anemia, which just makes it even worse), so that means I’m basically never well rested. Over the past couple years, I’ve managed to somewhat get used to managing my energy levels, so I hope this can help.

The most important thing is to accept that sometimes you just have to stop, that you can’t continue an activity you started or do something you’d planned. It’s better to stop and rest now, rather than burn yourself out completely and then be incapable of doing anything for the next days (or even weeks sometimes in my case).

What you can also do is schedule breaks. That means breaks during work if possible, and really during any activity that would solicitate your mind or body. And if you’ve tired yourself out a lot, doing nothing is the way to go over listening to music or a podcast or worse reading, to really fully rest, if you can bear doing that.

Now for language learning and hobbies, I would recommend having different acitivities that you could do that demand different levels of energy. For reading, that could mean having a choice of books that you can read that are more or less difficult, and also a choice of books in your native language or a language where reading is extremely easy for you. It’s fine not to able to do everything you’d like to do in one day, you can keep the more energy consuming activities for days where you don’t feel as tired, and cycle between them as well, as @eefara said. It’s also a matter of doing what you want/need to do the most first, as long as that matches your energy levels. That way, hopefully, you won’t feel as disappointed to not be able to do everything you’d want to do every single day.

Also, for challenges where you have do to keep a streak, it’s completely okay to not manage to do that, and in fact, it’s almost certainly going to happen. So instead of going for a perfect streak, it’s best to tell yourself to do the best you can, and if that means breaking your streak, then that’s okay. Taking care of yourself and your body will always take a precedence over any personal challenge that you’ve set.

And about grocery shopping being so tiring, could you maybe get your groceries delivered instead? That’s been helping me save a lot of energy.
For cooking, you could try to make yourself a lot of food when you have the energy for it, that way when you don’t, you can still eat the leftovers and not have to cook. It’s also nice to have something like a couple cans that you’ll always be able to rely on just in case you need it. (For me that’s a can of corn plus a simple vinaigrette, not a super glorious meal but it’s better than not eating anything.)
And for other chores, ideally I would say to try to not push them back to the last moment, that way you don’t have to force yourself to do them when you’re too tired and you can choose a day where you feel slightly better.


Fwiw if you do have ADHD, that could be a major contributor to the fatigue. I found medication was extremely helpful for that (though I’ve been off it for over a year now, and am generally doing ok, I think). It was really like an “oh my brain works properly, for the first time in my life” sorta thing. Used to feel a lot more fatigued from various daily tasks, amongst other things, before that.

In general I keep things pretty minimal, and working from home helps a lot. I also get groceries delivered, and tend to eat foods that I can cook in a microwave, or don’t need to cook. Also a rice cooker has been a live saver (both for rice or other things like カレー). Otoh, I’m of the “doesn’t need a lot of sleep” variety, and my apartment is usually a mess - bc I’d rather spend the time doing Japanese stuff (I live alone, so my thankfully my mess doesn’t affect anyone else).

Maybe you could try reading for just 5-10 min before you active study, rather than after? If you read stuff in your native language, you could always pick something that you’d want to read in Japanese eventually, so it will still be helpful in the long run.


All of this.
I find fighting the brain fog/having to do things that I really don’t want to do would leave me wiped at the end of the day. Medication helps A LOT.

I also am starting to suspect ASD as well as letting myself let go of how things “should” be done and accepting that my nervous system can’t do a 40 hours week plus home upkeep plus hobbies and changing my expectations accordingly has helped a lot.


Thanks everyone for the insight and giving me motivation :smiling_face_with_tear::heart_hands:

That does ring to me, I always feel like I have to do “something” but in the end get nothing done and feel bad about it when I just should have done nothing in the first place.

Though it also gives me a reason to go out, when I’m working from home I sometimes barely get 200 steps in, at least that makes it feel more useful with a double purpose.

Literally had this before, just that I used one of these seasoning packages🫠. My other no prep meal is rice from the rice cooker with a can of tuna and mayo and anything else found in the fridge.

Currently it’s getting like that again here but I manage it better nowadays, my partner also helps me to stay organised though sometimes it puts a bit of pressure on me. I use a gamefied chores app and try to force myself to put my books away after reading (though currently there’s again a pile on my nightstand :sob:).

I’ve been wanting to go to the doctor for that for ages but I’m terrified of the thought that they might just say it’s nothing. In a way I’ve been high functioning my entire life and apart from being messy and forgetful it doesn’t affect my outer life, it’s mostly just my inner life that feels like it’s unmanageable. That being said, maybe if I can’t get a diagnosis for ADHD I might at least get one for depression.


Little progress update:


It’s still hard but it’s so much fun. I really love Sangwoo and his quirky thinking. Most POVs are from his side so far and I love how his rational thinking translates into the language usage (e.g. using -te kudasai a lot).

葬送のフリーレン 1

Volume 1 was good, just a bit tedious since it follows exactly the anime. So nothing really new here

Textbooks and JLPT prep

I’m almost done with Genki2 (as a N4 revision), currently finished Chapter 22. So 1 final chapter to go! Then I will do 1 week of revision and start with Tobira. Meanwhile I’m working through the Shin Kanzen books (started with Vocab and Grammar). Trying to do this consistently and look up collocations/grammar points frequently.

I’ll probably try to do one mock exam per week to track my progress, but haven’t started so far.

Next I will probably continue the Card Captor Sakura Clear Card mangas (カードキャプターさくら クリアカード編 | L19), I need something light in between and those were super easy to understand and I love the series a lot.

It’s still been going a bit slow but also I’ve been sick a lot lately. Hopefully now that the weather is getting better, I can take my kindle outside to read at the lake!