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Right. Yeah the thinking there is that you would ever only switch once and, in general, you’d have input the number you could’ve input (you usually don’t know the page if you only know percent)… so it actually makes sense to keep that I think. It’s also what other sites do in my experience? At least I know storygraph does it that way.


Makes sense, pretty minor issue. Thanks for the Finished fix though.

I’ve been thinking again about stats… I don’t find the stats page particularly useful right now but I’m not sure what stats I actually want, so need to sit down and consider before lodging a request. I think you mentioned working on an export stats button, is that still in the far-flung future?


There’s this request - Allow CSV data dump.

I’m not sure when I’ll do it. It’s pretty easy, just not prioritized. If people upvote and push for it, happy to do it.


I just opened it fine in Chrome:

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I can’t set a blank start date from the data manager page. Clicking the pencil icon causes the entire page to “crash” (popup closes and all content on the page disappears). The basic info version works.


Did just run into a (probably) more common variant of this on another of the shows I was watching which is related to time zones. (Still not that big of a deal, but more common so I thought I’d point it out).

TMDB records its air date with respect to the time zone it aired in which means you frequently have to wait until the next day to record watching something if you don’t live in Asia. Anime air times aggravate this since they frequently air just after midnight (Japan time)

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This should be fixed!

Mind logging a bug? Would be lovely :slight_smile:

Ah interesting. I think the more immediate fix would just to allow you to mark shows watched one day in the future? The only issue would be that ongoing shows would show as ‘incomplete’ one day before then too… i.e. if only 9 episodes have aired, then the day before the 10th episode, you’d see that you’ve watched 9/10 in your dashboard.

The more complete timezone handling maybe could be an addendum to the timezone ticket we already have.

Either way - if you wouldn’t mind making a product request for the smaller iteration and / or a note on the timezone request, would be greatly appreciated!


Is something going on with the forums?

When reading threads, everything suddenly disappears and gets replaced by a spinning circle.

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oh no. I don’t see any issues on the server. Could it be your internet connection flaking?

It’s only happening here…

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:confused: well i’m not sure. It’s not happening to me and I don’t think it’s a server issue.

Mind changing browsers? Checking out your dev console? Your browser specs?

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I’ll clear the cache and see if that does something.

It’s Firefox last version. Hadn’t any issues until now, and it’s working fine in other discourse instances.

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@brandon On Patreon, can you create an official tier for what will eventually become the premium account donation tier? Or do you not want to do that until you’re ready for premium? I’m just asking because I was thinking about donating and thought it might be convenient to set it up in a future-proof way instead of having to change it down the line when the premium feature was officially added.

(I guess from your timeline in the other topic in might only be a few months away anyway, but figured I’d ask.)


well, it certainly won’t exceed $5 a month, so if you start a monthly donation at that rate, I’ll roll you over straight into premium.

I don’t really want to make official tiers until I’m ready for it I don’t think, but yes $5 a month will do it :slight_smile:

I may grandfather some supporters that are at a slightly lower rate into into premium too, but haven’t figured it all out yet.

Edit: And, as always, just want to mention that all donations are really appreciated!! While I know that I’m not the best / most active Patreon wrt to messaging, your support does really help. Hopefully I’ll be more communicative after premium!


Discourse won’t let me post in Korean Beta - Feedback from Korean Users because I’ve posted 3 times in a row… :rofl:

Finished the 두루책방 - Free (series) | L0-20 series, and high teens seems about right for the most difficult books. A handful are at L20, but I’m pretty sure they don’t have any TOPIK 4 grammar, and they don’t include idioms or other things that might make the language difficult. Not a big deal, I’ll leave it up to you whether to bump them down a level. :slightly_smiling_face:

Submitted feedback on this a while ago, but book 1, 달의 그림자 그림자의 바다 - 예스24, is missing from 십이국기 (series) | L35??. The current book 1, 마성의 아이 | L35?? should be book 0, as it’s a prequel.


And just gonna leave this here… :innocent:


Where exactly is this Patreon people keep mentioning?


Here ya go:


Thx! I look forward to becoming a patron on Friday then :slight_smile:


There’s also ko-fi if you’d prefer to make a one-off donation rather than a recurring subscription. The “buy me a coffee” button is on the learnnatively front page next to the “become a patron” button.


Patreon allows you to close off a tier to not allow future supporters onto it, but maintains the current supporters on it. So as long as those people don’t cancel their support, they can stay at that level. And you can create a new public tier for 5$ (or whatever price).