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Yes. By default, we assume that you watch things sequentially and we automatically update tv shows as ‘watched’ based on your current episode number… similar to anilist.

However, if you go to the season page, you can toggle episodes watched/watching/finished…etc and customize the time spent on each episode if you like:

Once you start messing around with manually toggling the episodes, you enter our ‘manual progress’ mode where you can no longer use the update progress popup from your dashboard… you have to go to the TV season page to update your episodes watched.

Perhaps at some point we streamline that so that you can you can mark them inside the popup, but we’ll see! I want to get a sense on how often people are doing that behavior :slight_smile:

Hopefully people who want the simple AniList behavior can get that and the people who want more specificity can also have that :slight_smile:


Do you specify a start and end date for individual episodes, seasons, series, or is it flexible? Personally, setting dates for individual episodes would be too granular for me, and I’d like to only set them per season (basically the same season that AniList would have listed, which should generally match the database you’re using). Similar to how I set a start and end date for a volume of a manga/book, but I don’t set dates for individual chapters.


The main item in your library are tv seasons (similar to books as they are now), so for sorting and stats purposes, we first look at tv season data and only look at tv episode data for more granularity. For instance, if you watched an entire tv season in May 2022 and you’re looking at the stats by month, then we will simply include all the minutes watched in that tv season for may.

However, if you’re looking at stats for May 2022 it by week, then we’ll see if we can parse out the minutes watched based on your TV episode start dates / end dates.

By default, if you simply mark a season finished with an end date of May 25th, for instance, then all the tv data will simply be applied as if you watched the entire season on May 25th.

It should be flexible :slight_smile:


wow, that looks amazing.

i mean in this case, i’ve already seen all the episodes of kieta hatsukoi though :slight_smile:


I updated my post once last time to add Violet Evergarden, which I finally finished rewatching. I expect this will be the last show I finish before the new update comes out.


Random question, I’m guessing 転生したらスライムだった件 1 | L35 has the “Free” tag because of the webnovel? Do these get added manually? Because 蜘蛛ですが、なにか? 1 | L31 doesn’t have one :thinking:
Not sure whether I’d rather want every novel with a webnovel version to have that tag or for non of them to have it, it is a bit misleading after all… :see_no_evil:

Also, it possible for the system to add a general disclaimer to all 小説家になろう entries in the database?
I personally haven’t read any Japanese ones myself, but, because WNs usually don’t have an editor, they tend to be pretty different in terms of quality. Also, for some of them the plot of the novel starts to diverge in the process of editing. (Which apparently happens pretty strongly with 転スラ.)
Before, the only comment added on the 転スラ page was “(Free version - Syosetu is a Japanese webnovel site. It’s difficult to browse with a lot of text, but worthwhile.)”. Which, for someone that is new to the concept of webnovels, can be pretty misleading. They might get the impression that it is an identical version.
Ideally they’d have separate entries in the database altogether, but that’s probably too much effort for now… :see_no_evil:

Slightly related, but I’m guessing the reason WN links aren’t added to other series (like the ones for 本好きの下剋上, ティアムーン帝国物語 , 無職転生盾の勇者の成り上がり, …) is only because nobody bothered with adding them yet? :thinking:


Yes they are all manually added, so they variance in coverage is purely if someone has informed me of the webnovel version or not.

I agree we could probably have a better disclaimer. I’m a little hesitant to remove the free version… but maybe you’re right that an explicity ‘webnovel’ tag rather than a simple free tag would be better. Could still have the ‘free’ filter surface books with the webnovel tag too, but it’d be clearer.

As for whether or not to list them, I agree it’d probably be better to have a different entry. Unfortunately though, the choice right now is to either have no link to the webnovel or to have it. I won’t be building out a dedicated webnovel item for a while I don’t think… but agreed that’d be the best approach.

My impression was that while there were differences, they generally are pretty close? Like the difficulty wouldn’t be significantly different? Perhaps i’m wrong there.


Based on my extensive experience with LN, I can confirm that the published version is virtually identical in terms of difficulty. They will have extra content and some proofreading if you are lucky, but that’s it.


Sounds great actually c:

True, they’d probably be about the same difficulty. It’s more that with some of the content being so different for tensura (according to some fan sites), having them listed as the same feels a bit, wrong… :see_no_evil:
But I’m very much aware this is nitpicking, much more important stuff to be done :+1:

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Of course, but I appreciate it nonetheless! I agree with you, some people are not really interested in webnovel stuff, so separating it out would be nice. I encourage you to log a product request so it isn’t forgotten :slight_smile:

Hi everyone - just wanted to update and say audiovisual should be going out this week… I ended up caving and added some pretty critical things (TMDB genres, days watched widget) and added a bunch more tests, which is why it’s continued to be delayed.

Hopefully this week… I will keep you updated. Thank you for bearing with me :sweat_smile:


No idea what happened here, but there’s now some redundancy on the forum user card.


Oh thanks! Apparently in one of the discourse updates they switched around some css names. Fixed it up :slight_smile:


I tried reloading, but it’s still not fixed on mobile :sweat_smile:

whoops! Well, now it’s fixed on mobile too :sweat_smile:


Is it weird that I’m not in a rush to track my own watched shows, but I want to see the new update just to see the difficulty ratings for the anime in my plan to watch list? Even though I’d guess that most of them probably haven’t been rated by anyone else anyway. :sweat_smile:


Most people browse Natively to see what other people think, so I think that makes sense :joy: I’d also say that I’m curious to see how quickly the library will increase. The video request process allows you to search for your items on TMDB and is totally automated.

But we’ll see how fast it grows :slight_smile:

As an opportunity to issue a new status update, I would say tomorrow, but I think I know better now. I’ve added a ton more tests during this QA process. I have been incredibly productive the last 2 weeks, so the little bit of self-applied stress has been good.


You confidently stated that you’d have it out before the next time I finished an anime, so if it makes you feel better I’m a slow watcher. You have plenty of time. :wink: (I started a 12 episode show six days ago and I only just watched episode 3.)

(I couldn’t tell if “but I think I know better now” meant “I’m more confident in my estimate than I was last time” or “I know better now than to actually make promises” :joy: )


Probably not a big deal either way, but I was wondering whether grading will be by more than 5 levels apart for anime (at least at the start?) Got to thinking this looking through the seed thread and having a differing opinion on some by at least 5-10 levels. My fault for not helping submit ratings too I guess :flushed:

As a corollary to this I was talking with some people about Natively ratings and we realized that we had pretty different conceptions of what the ratings were even supposed to “mean”. One side thinking more like “minimum just to follow along” and the other was more like “what’s required for high comprehension”. I think in this case that’s why our opinions differed so much on the show in question. Was curious if there’s any sort of official conception of what the rating is supposed to mean.

(For the record, the anime that prompted this discussion was ぼっち・ざ・ろっく! and I’d have put it ~10 levels higher than what I saw in the seeds, like 32-33)


I feel like this is why relative ratings is all that matter. There’s a reason that people don’t rate the difficulty directly - it’s difficult to do accurately and everyone thinks about it differently. But even if two people rate differently (such as your two examples), in theory they should be mostly consistent with themselves, allowing the relative ratings to still sort themselves out.

For the record, I agree that level 23 is far too low. I read the manga and from my ratings (and apparently those of three others) it landed at level 28. I think that’s pretty fair. It’s far more difficult than other 4-koma manga that are in the 22-25 range. But it’s also far easier than novels I read that sit around level 31-33 (and a few manga I’ve read in that level range as well).

I did watch the anime recently and the difficulty felt similar to the manga. I’d be curious to see where it lands from the initial seeding, as I listed it in my seed post as well. I didn’t give it a level (as I said, that’s hard to do accurately), but I did group it with other “medium difficulty” anime.