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This is great to hear, I was just worried about getting into situations where I could grade between things I wanted to at the start

Definitely agree with this, but to be clear this did come up in the context of how to compare things vs absolute ratings. ie “I rated this show as easier than this other one because I could whitenoise more of it and still follow along” vs “to get most of the gags I had to understand all these yoji and references, so it was hard even though the plot was easy to follow”


Yeah, people are always going to have different opinions here. There’s no standard guide on how to grade the difficulty and I don’t think there should be. Some people are fine if they can just follow the plot while others want to get all the nuances. And asking someone to grade on someone else’s perception of difficulty seems fraught with more problems. Natively is really just an aggregator on relative difficulty, similar to if someone posted a poll in a forum.

I do think though that you’re right that Audiovisual might have some unique issues like that wrt difficulty. Some people may simply just be using language learning with netflix and mostly be reading the english subs without really engaging the material.

I’ll just have to trust that people are relatively good citizens wrt what they can grade. Will be interesting to see.

Regardless, even if it’s a bit noisier, it will still be very valuable and generally right, i’m sure.


Audiovisual is dropping tomorrow morning. Could release right now, but i would like to sleep tonight. :slight_smile:

Blog post & formal announcement will come out then too. Very relieved we’re finally here.


It is releasing now!

FYI the main site will be down for approximately 5, intermittent issues for around 10 mins.


More that 10 minutes. :joy: (Searching for a book is showing an error page)

I should probably just go to sleep and check it out tomorrow anyway. :sweat_smile:


Sorry! I should’ve at least doubled my estimate.

TBH the video data will still take a while to populate so yes please go to bed haha.

That error you encountered is unexpected… looking into it. The site should be operational now.

Will our lists be auto-populated with the shows and movies we listed in the other thread?

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yes, although I’m only marking the first season finished.


Yeah, I think the search (for books at least?) might be broken. Everything returns “No Result”, even books that I know are there.

(I don’t know if that’s what @seanblue meant by “error page”.)

So, not sure if this is every series or just the first four or five I checked but I see this for the episode lists:
and get errors trying to make any updates through the modals since it says that the ending episode can’t be higher than the last episode (and there are zero episodes)

Sorry y’all - yeah, i’m having a few issues right now.

The book search is the priority to get back online. TV episodes & data will take a little while to get fully populated… until then you might encounter issues like that.

So I’d just say give me a half hour or so on books, an hour on movies before we start adding a ton of things.


As an update, books should mostly be back to normal … the search is still repopulating so not everything will be in there yet. It’ll probably take another 45 mins to fully repopulate.

Video is stil repopulating too. It’s on a similar timeline to books.

Apologies on the issues! There were quite a few issues on my production / live environment which I didn’t anticipate. There were a few movie/tv items users had added to their library that I had to delete, but the issues otherwise were purely in search, no data issues.


Ok! So all the tv shows & episodes are set and initial user items are populated. We’re finally ready to have you all give it a go. @Bijak that is a bug that I didn’t think about when marking tv series finished even when the episodes haven’t been populated. I’ll fix that up.

There’s already a blog post, but I will make the product annoucement in the forums too. Will take me a minute to write :slight_smile:


@cat if you’re writing a long response, perhaps this thread might be better. We’ll be discussing in depth there :slight_smile:

I’ll be putting the announcement there as well.

PRODUCT UPDATE : Audiovisual is here!!!

Well… actually the update is over here. Let’s do all the audiovisual related discussion there. Thanks @Megumin for that great idea :laughing:


I noticed that, despite the series being in my watched library, when I navigate to the page (for instance, by clicking on it), they are still shown as not watched. :thinking:
Edit: actually, even after saying I watched something, navigating away from the page and back, the button will just get back to the green “wish list”.

Unrelated, but the forum has a weird banner for me that shows the template for the feature request page.


Oops! I tried to do a global banner, but yeah, I think something is wrong with it.

Hmm, i’ll investigate!

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Got some typos here.

This is important to us for a variety of reasons, but the primary impact you’ll see is that you won’t be prompted to grade things with similar subtitle information. In other words, movies you watched without subtitles are only compared with other movies you watched without audio.

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I didn’t realize Natively had a blog. :hushed:

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It’s literally just the Product Updates, you’re not missing out :joy:

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