Product Updates & Casual Natively Discussion

Thanks! I missed that while scrolling through the product requests category. I’ve appended it. (I coulda swore the space vs no space worked for me before though, and it woulda been after that was logged, but it definitely ain’t working right with Dazai. Odd.)

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You’re making me want to read it, just to rate/review it now… I stopped about 1/4 in a while back

I read the first few chapters and it’s cute so far. I’ll probably buy the next two since I think they’re on sale, just wanted to try the first before buying more.

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Then I’ll leave the rating/reviewing to you :wink:

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Issues with our servers report!


I’m still seeing server issues but I can see from the global feed other people are updating their book pages just fine. Maybe it’s just this book, or it’s my account? I’ll test it in a bit.

/edit i figured it out - that specific book had 0 pages set, so i couldn’t set it as a percentage. Probably could use a better error message for that eventuality


Got another security warning trying to click into a link for a book I added from the email[cut for length] was the URL


My antivirus keeps flagging both the actual site and the forums as phishing. Happens on both Chrome and Firefox, it’s been happening for the last week I think?

Edit: I wonder if this is related to the security warning cat got?


I also got this same error a few days ago (11/29 or 11/30 I think). Same scenario


Probably not related. SSL Error is a server config or expired cert sorta thing. Not the sorta thing that gets you accidentally on phishing watchlists afaict


In this case the SSL error is because the SSL cert is for and isn’t valid for the URL – i.e. the mailgun tracking links aren’t set up correctly. (I know nothing about mailgun but found a forum thread suggesting that trying to do this with a four level domain name doesn’t work and it has to be three level for the SSL certs to work.)

I guess it’s possible this could feed into a “maybe this is phishing” heuristic if enough other users of the antivirus plugin are following links in email and the antivirus notes the correlation of the domain and the SSL cert mismatch and decides the domain is therefore suspicious. But it could also be pure coincidence.


@cat @pm215 thanks for noting the mailgun issue again and for @pm215 investigating! I’ve opened a support ticket with them to get that resolved.

@meagstudies that’s very concerning! :frowning: Like @pm215 noted, I think the email issue is separate… what’s your antivirus? Is there someway to report a false positive?


@cat @pm215 I think i’ve resolved the issue (I’ve stopped click tracking through mailgun, so the email links should be simply links to now).

If you encounter that issue again let me know.


I use AVG. Natively’s the only site that I’m having trouble with, but since others aren’t having the same issue I’m going to assume it’s my antivirus’ fault. Virus definitions and the app are up to date, I hope the next update fixes the issue! In the mean time, I’ll look into reporting the false positive


Other people, like me, might by now have added Natively as exception and do therefore no longer get these warnings.


@brandon Apparently is now The former is what I had bookmarked and it no longer works. :sweat_smile: Just want to make sure this was intentional.


The rating algorithm (I hope I did not mix it up with grading) seems to compare a given book constantly with other books that have its original level.

I think it should instead compare dynamically in the sense: if the book (that starts, say, at level 25, but actually is at level 30) is considered more difficult than some other one (of say level 28) it should next compare it to some still more difficult one (> 28) and not continue to compare it with further books around level 25. Of course, if the upper limit is surpassed (> 30) the algorithm should again compare it with less difficult ones, and of course there are some problems to be solved if there are not as much books to compare with at the start of somebody’s reading career. But this way the algorithm will more easily zoom into the actual level of the book. If not, the level 25 book will end up to get compared with 6 easier books and never find an upper limit.


/library/ now seems to redirect to /books/ and /jpn/ got added once /kor/ was released, so it seems to be right?

The only thing is that the website seems to be struggling to do the two redirects it has to do in this case at the same time to load “/jpn/” and then change “/library” to “/books”, because these two work:

Not sure how much you want to rely on those legacy URLs though.

I don’t mind changing my bookmark. I was just mentioning it in case it was a bug and not intentional.


Ah, that’s a good callout. Like @Megumin said I do have a variety of redirects, but I guess somehow I missed that one. Should update.

Ok! Well let me know if you’re able to log a false positive, would really help. I’m not entirely sure why I’ve gotten a batch of false positives recently… I haven’t received any feedback that i’m doing anything incorrectly. The only valid issue I’ve found is with regards to email links, which @cat noted, but that should be fixed.

That is intentional, so not a bug.

That’s a very valid opinion and I think ideally it’d work similar to that… essentially I think we should generate personal difficulty rankings and combine each users rankings together to form the community’s. However, in the current system, your proposal would give one user too much power to adjust the rating if they have an outlier opinion. This is pretty similar to the discussions we’ve had before, such as Drag & drop difficulty grading - #2 by GrumpyPanda and the linked comments there from this thread.

You’re of course welcome to add a product request and we could discuss more there :slight_smile: