'Random Book' Button

Description of your request or bug report: I think it would be fun to have a ‘random book’ button in browse and the user library to help choose your next read. It would be great if it could pick a random book from your owned list, for example, or from a filtered selection of books in browse.

Trello link:

I think filters for such a functionality are a must.
Maybe even after tags are implemented, so you can fine tune it and narrow it down to what you are looking for while keeping some randomness.


I feel like “random” would likely return stuff that you wouldn’t like :thinking: On top of the comment from @Megumin , I feel it would help to get, say, 10 random books, organized in a grid, rather than just one.


This I use it from time to time:

So I think something similar might be useful. But as I mentioned, tags need to be there first.
Otherwise it’s going to be too random.


If we’re going for filters, then number of books would be a good one for something like that


@bibliothecary I like this idea, reminds me of Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” :laughing:

Yeah agree with the others we probably need filters before such a feature makes sense, but it’s good to get it requested! Let’s approve as speculative.

Edit: @lunacodes that filter sounds useful but probably fit for another request :slight_smile:


That’s not really a filter, just a drop-down saying how many random suggestions you want to get at once, so it does fit the request, I think.


oh you’re right! I for some reason thought @lunacodes was talking about number of volumes in a series… that’s what you get when you respond just after waking…


Ahhh glad that’s clarified… I was so confused for a moment :sweat_smile:. I can see why you’d want an extra request for something like that tho.


@Megumin this is approved as speculative.

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