Reading Club For the Magic Tree House (Discord)

Hi! I run some reading discussion groups were we meet up once a week to read the book together! (I think this should be fine to post here)

We are starting book 2 of the Magic Treehouse くろうま騎士きし this week!
It’s meetings will be on Thursdays at 1 PM(Japan Time), or using the PST Timezone, Wednesdays at 9 pm,

We just finished book 1 of the Magic Tree House series last week, so if you want to see what our discussions are like, here’s it’s playlist:

You can be at any level, so if you are interested, here is the discord invite!

I’m planning on adding more reading groups in September, so if you have any books you want us to read, add them to the idea-suggestion tab!


I took a peek at the youtube videos. Thanks so much for uploading those! I’m probably going to buy the first book myself and follow along with the existing videos. It’s great for those of us that missed those chats or are just too shy right now to join in with the discord.


Thank you! I’m glad you’re finding the videos helpful!!!


Oh! Rubbish. That’s 5am local for me. :pensive:
I was just starting to get excited. Nevermind.
Looks great on YouTube, great learning experience.

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Aww that sucks! Waay to early for me!

This probably isn’t totally appropriate, lol but I do have a Patreon where someone could sponsor me making a new club that runs earlier in the day. No earlier the 1pm, but 1pm my time I think is 9pm your time! haha (If you are interested in this, please DM me or message me on discord so we can make sure the time works, and we have a book we’d like to read together)(This level comes with all of my Anki decks as well)

You’d also be able to basically pick out the book, such as anything from my bookshelf (so we could do things from the idea list, or from past/current clubs, or things not on it that I just so happen to own like Pikachu The Famous Detective [ ピカチュウは名たんてい NOT THE MOVIE) or things we can find for free on the internet (like Hamtaro or Girls Last Tour). We could also potentially purchase a book, like 天元突破グレンラガン1 (ガガガ文庫).

You can also just join the discord to get access to our vocab lists even if you can’t make it to the meetings.

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Good idea. I’m interested. I’m going to reach out to you on discord to see what we can do. Cheers

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