Reincorporate pencil in activity to drop into data manager

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There used to be an edit icon on activities, but it seems to have disappeared?

It’s like this on my dashboard and on the book page. I can’t find any way to edit activity anymore.

Usually I do a progress update and then edit the activity update to manually set the starting page. If I do a progress update it always puts the starting page as the previous update’s ending page, but it doesn’t work like that for manga. If I read to page 78 in one session, I’ll start on page 79 the next session. So this is why I would really like activity editing to come back, because I also can’t add anymore activities myself outside of the progress update mechanic. (Btw, does that mean I won’t be able to easily batch add old reading progress via a book’s activity section? :confused: )

And I just noticed I also can’t remove spurious activities anymore, only ‘hide’ them (but then I still see them, so that’s also ruffling my neuroticism).

Trello link:

It is possible but it’s not very obvious how to do it.

  1. Go to the Book and open additional options.


  1. Select data manager


  1. Press on the pen on the activity you want to edit.

  1. Update / Delete buttons become available



Based on this PR and what you said, you want me to create a trelloto resurface the pen to direct to the data manager, or is too small to get a trello?


Yeah I think that would be good :slight_smile:

Edit: Also thanks for responding!


No problem! Always glad to help.

@Phryne with your permission, I’ll slightly change the Product Request title to better match what needs to be done.
Something along “Resurface the activity pencil for editing”

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That’s perfect, thanks for your help!

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