Review of New SRS Expansion for Kanji Study App

If you’re familiar with the Japanese Kanji Study app for android, then you might have heard about the new spaced repetition expansion that was just added.

If you have never heard of it, Japanese Kanji Study is an Andorid app that’s great for kanji because it allows you study in whatever way you want. You can study kanji meaning, readings, writing, vocab, and lets you test yourself on these in a wide variety of ways.

The creator added an SRS expansion the other week and i just wanted to share how good it is!!! It’s a paid for addition but it’s seriously worth it if you’re looking for a new kanji study tool or already use the app.

I wrote a more detailed review here:


I used to use this app on my old android phone. It was a great little tool, jam packed with options to tailor it to how you want to study. Great to see it’s still getting support.