Save gradings when you change tab

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It’s happened to me a couple times now that when I was in the process of doing gradings, I went to another tab before going back to grade and nothing was saved. If it’s just a couple gradings that’s fine, but I just did ~40 out of 45 and everything disappeared. So it would be nice if gradings were saved once you do a single one, and not just at the end of the to be graded pack.

Plus I often have the reflex to go check the first couple pages of the book, if I don’t remember exactly how hard it was (especially for the 두루책방 series, because I’ve read so many of them), so this actually happens quite a lot.

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Did your browser reset the tab or something? I open new tabs and switch all the time during grading, and have never had an issue (Firefox on Win 11).

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Yep, I’m guessing that’s what happens. It just goes back to showing the first comparison to grade. I’m on Chrome