Saved Search / Default Browse Page

Description of your request or bug report: When browsing all books, the default sort is by popularity, without any filters selected. While this is great for new users, it becomes less and less useful the more you use the site. I think it would be good to have either a saved search added to the browse drop-down menu, or a way to save a particular search as the default when you visit “all books”.

For example, I’m generally interested in new books that have been added within a range of levels I feel comfortable reading, but I’m not particularly interested in textbooks. Currently the way to access this selection is:

Browse > All Books > Select level difficulty/range > Select 8 book types > sort by recently added

Or even more clicks with additional filters. It would be nice to save searches so the process becomes:

Browse > All Books / Saved Search

Yes, I’ve already saved a bookmark, but adding the functionality to the site would be more convenient… :sweat_smile:

Trello link:


I’m not entirely sure if this would be a saved search on the browse page, or a configurable, saved recommendation search… which I’d implement with recommendations.

But regardless, good idea.

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