Search Update: Allow multiple romanizations

I’d like to add onto this feature request: ability to request different romanizations to search authors by. An example would be 森本 秀: I believe they’re currently searchable as “Morimoto Shu” on Natively, but I’ve also seen the alternate romanizations of “Morimoto Shuu” and “Morimoto Shuw”.

I guess I could put in the request from the feedback button on a book’s page, but just thought I’d put the idea out there.

Another search improvement request: after typing in a search term, let me close the dropdown results list by clicking outside of it on the page. For example:

Right now the dropdown won’t leave unless I remove whatever’s in the search box, which is pretty annoying.


This has been split from the other thread, and the other thread has been made more specific instead of being a catch-all.

People who voted for this might need to rearrange their votes.