Series ordering with spin-offs for 謎解きはディナーのあとで series

I’m currently reading the second book in the 謎解きはディナーのあとで series, but on Natively, it’s listed as book 3. When I looked in more detail, there are six books in the ‘series’ but these inclue a best of collection and a movie book (?), so the second book in the ‘main’ series looks like it’s third and the third book looks like it’s fifth!

I appreciate it’s awkward when a series has spin-offs that are still part of the series but not numerically included. Is there a way to make the main four books listed as 1-4 to reflect their numbering in the main series, and then the spin-offs bumped down the list?


@brandon Sorry to tag you, I wasn’t sure if you saw this - I think I probably entered this in the wrong way for a query :sweat_smile:

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heh yes you can just use the ‘have feedback’ button on the book series or book page for this sort of thing :slight_smile:

Ok I reordered it. Does that look right?

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Perfect thank you! And noted for future re feedback :sweat_smile:

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