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Right now the series and author pie charts on the stats page only show four entries, plus an “other” bucket. I think it’s probably pretty typical for the “other” bucket to dominate the pie chart. Based on this I have two suggestions:

  1. Remove the “other bucket” (ideally still showing the true percentages which now won’t add up to 100%, but if they have to get weighted up to 100% I think that’s fine)
  2. Increase the number of entries to 8-10, as the current 4 (or 5 if you just got rid of “other”) isn’t enough.

Here is Book Meter’s version of this for comparison:

Trello link:

Personally I would prefer more entries, rather than dropping “other” (I feel a pie chart that doesn’t add to 100% is kinda confusing).


Not entirely sure what to do here. I don’t love the pie charts not adding up to 100 but I don’t really see another reasonable change I could make. If I simply add more entries, ‘other’ would take up too much space I think and it’d look a little silly.

Approved as speculative. I will leave a poll on how people feel on pie charts not adding up to 100%:

What would you think if we replaced ‘Other’ in the Series/Author pie chart with more series/authors, but it didn’t add to 100%?
  • Strongly Approve
  • Approve
  • Disapprove
  • Strongly Disapprove
  • I Don’t Care
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Edit: bumped for poll


Would it be very complicated to have a toggle that removes the Other sections from the charts?

imo, this is too trivial for a toggle.

While toggles are easy to add, I don’t want a bajillion of them. There are already like 5-10 more toggles being proposed. :sweat_smile:

I voted ‘disapprove’ because I would prefer “make the pie chart as it is now, but with 10 authors plus ‘other’”. My ‘type distribution’ pie chart has 7 categories shown, so it seems a bit silly that the author graph is artificially restricted to just 5. I’m not sure what you have in mind by “other would take up too much space”, because doing this reduces the amount of the pie chart it takes up.