Spanish Physical Media Megathread

Let’s show off some pictures of our latest acquisitions!

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My first foray into a hopefully exciting journey of Spanish history!

It’s a bit dinged up, and the sticker left a residue ( :unamused:), but I’m pretty excited!


My current physical reads!! The Elena Ferrante is one of my all time favorites, rereading the first book in Spanish (it’s originally in Italian but I read it in English) and about to start Nada tonight.


This came today. It is a surprisingly difficult book to buy as its title is the same in every language! I had to be careful not to buy English, German versions etc.

Ebay was the cheapest option I came across for this one, and the bilingual version was the cheapest one so that’s what I now have! I don’t know how significant the cat is in the story but it makes for quite a cool cover.


I had this edition too!! Comparing the translation after I read it was really interesting, in my highly unprofessional Spanish learner opinion the translation seemed bad :laughing:


My copy of the upcoming bookclub pick arrived! It was obviously a popular book, this was the 19th edition published in Feb 2005, with the first edition published in Sep 2002.

I hadn’t realised it was in hardback when I bought it so that was a nice surprise!


Oh, I like that cover! Is the green sticker removable?

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It probably was when it was in the shops 19 years ago but I figured by this time it’s not worth risking it! Plus there’s a nice irony that the book says it’s the 19th edition but the sticker on the front says it’s the 18th!