The Seeking Recommendations Thread 📚

Ooh, smart to put some yuri in the recs!

Let me balance it out with some ya… some BL recs for @MintTea

Both are part of the BL book club too!

I’ve only read one yaoi novel, it was okay, but not good enough for a recommendation.


It’s all I read these days :sweat_smile: (tho only 1 of those titles is yuri). I hope to get to more yuri LNs, but so far the 2 others I tried weren’t really grabbing me… so if anyone has recs for those (that aren’t 週に一 or 安達としまむら) lmk I guess

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Yo, both are solid recs! F&B is heavier on the BL than KKM for those interested.


Okay, so call me crazy, but I’ve been curious why BL has been used for one thread and yuri for the other thread. My brain yearns for consistency in style or something.

So I decided to Google yaoi and BL and found that Wikipedia is very informative.

やおいより「ボーイズラブ (Boys’ Love, BL)」が近年よく使われる。
From やおい - Wikipedia

From ボーイズラブ - Wikipedia

And then, because I was curious about where the word やおい came from, I found this on the やおい page:

From やおい - Wikipedia, [やおいという言葉の誕生」

Which is honestly pretty funny. :joy:


I remember having this conversation with the other @cat, I think.

In particular, nowadays, people tend to make a distinction between the two based on the presence of explicit sexual acts (with yaoi being the one with explicit stuff), even though you can still use BL for everything (since that’s what the publishers are doing)



You guys are great But bad for my wallet Thanks for all the recs! My wishlist just got a lot longer.

Since there were so many suggestions I let chance decide. Turns out my random number generator really wants me to try some BL, so I’ll be reading FLESH & BLOOD.


Home thread for the book club is here. :pirate_flag: :sailboat:

We’re currently on the 8th week, but if you’re interested, you can enjoy @eefara ’s generously provided illustrations from the physical book, quick links to some common people/places/events, and a vocab sheet (for the first couple of chapters).


Yeeeesss. I’ve apparently been good this year, so many new people trying F&B! \o/ Yes, please do join us in the book club, even after the fact! I hope you enjoy the book!


Absolutely. I’ll do my best to get caught up as soon as my copy arrives!


Two of my favourite books that fit:

Edit: ah, nvm, just saw you already made a choice. :see_no_evil:


I wish this was available as a Kindle ebook. I’d definitely be interested.

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If you have any other recs, feel free to tell me about them :smiley: I’ve created a list with everything so far. Trying out new stuff every once in a while seems like a good habit to get into, and this way I’m more motivated since I can piggyback off of your excitement. I probably won’t have time to read all of them, but I hope to get to most at some point. Might take me years though.


wait, I am sure there is… oh… apparently not kindle… odd.
Bookwalker has it and probably other ebook sites. Not sure why kindle doesn’t have it. :melting_face:


Not sure if this is the right place or not but does anyone know of any Haruki Murakami books suitable for younger readers? As in, do not contain descriptions of adult scenes.

I found one called “The Strange Library” but was wondering if anyone knew of any others. Japanese or English name is fine.


I’ve read a lot of his books and this is a really hard ask when it comes to him. :sweat_smile:
I cannot think of a single full length book that doesn’t have adult scenes tbh…your best bet may be individual short stories within larger collections. Off the top of my head: First Person Singular (Charlie Parker Plays Jazz is the only story name I can remember that didn’t involve any adult content or relationship at all, but the book opens with an adult scene on the very first page so beware, Blind Willow Sleeping Woman also has some safe stories as well as Men Without Women. It’s been a while since I read them so I unfortunately don’t remember the names of the individual stories…if you are sharing them with a child you may need to flip through and get them yourself. :melting_face:

Besides this, essays may be a good safe bet? His most famous translated one is probably “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” but he has far more in Japanese that haven’t been translated. やがて悲しき外国語、ラオスにいったい何があるというんですか are two that I’ve read portions of and are about living or traveling abroad.

Good luck with this, though. :saluting_face: It’s a difficult mission!


Thanks, I appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face:
A friend was asking because her daughter is interested in reading some of his writing and I had already advised about the adult content warning (she is 17 but still). I’ve a few of his short story collections (in Japanese) and also one of his essay collections so will have a flick through those (didn’t think of essays, though I should have).


He’s written a few illustrated books (Wikipedia has The Strange Library in this section): 村上春樹 - Wikipedia

I’d maybe investigate the rest of those. I have no idea if any of these are translated or not, and/or if they’re at all age appropriate.

Being a very precocious child with a very high reading level I read a lot of stuff that wasn’t particularly age appropriate by 17
… although recommending them to someone else’s kid is I suppose a different story :sweat_smile:


Awesome :sunglasses: I will check that out.

And yeah, I’m a little apprehensive about recommending stuff with any explicit content since I don’t really want to upset her mum but apparently (I only found this out today) the 17yo got the name from me while I was speaking to her mum about Japanese writers translated into English :grimacing::sweat_smile:

乙一 would probably be a better fit since they like horror but yeah, she had to zone in on Murakami. I know when I was at High school we were recommended books by the English teacher that actually had detailed scenes of that description in it (they were on the reading list too, though maybe not as explicit as Murakami’s :sweat_smile:) so there’s a chance that she has already read some stuff but as long as it didn’t come from me it’s fine.


This may be a long shot, but has anyone here ever studied Classical Japanese/古文 and has a recommendation for a book or textbook? I know there may be resources online but I don’t learn very well from websites or YouTube. :sweat_smile: I thought I’d trying asking before I search what’s out there.


I have one at home that I did like, even though I got bored halfway through (not the fault of the textbook itself though)
I can’t remember the title at the top of my head, but I’ll check tonight.