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유성우 (流星雨) - a meteor shower

Doesn’t it sound like it could be someone’s name? :smile:

흐를 류(유) - flowing, moving
별 성 - star
비 우 - rain

I like how naver’s definition uses ALL THE HANJA! :rofl:

태양(太陽)의 주위(周圍)를 공전(公轉)하는 유성군(遊星群) 가운데를 지구(地球)가 통과(通過)할 때, 많은 유성(遊星)이 비처럼 비산(飛散)하여 지구(地球)에 떨어지는 일.

ETA: Another discovery today! :laughing:

You’re probably familiar with 양말, socks, but the hanja is 洋襪, lit. western socks, to distinguish them from 버선, which are traditional Korean socks.


I was reading the following sentence, 마냐라면 눈동자의 색깔이 수시로 바뀔 게다. I was all confident at first, certain that I could understand the sentence perfectly: A witch’s pupil color changes into sushi… Yep, that doesn’t make any sense.

Turns out, 수시로 actually means frequently. And my reasoning was also flawed from the beginning, since sushi isn’t 수시 but 스시 (the loanword) or 초밥 (醋밥) with, funnily enough, the hanja for vinegar.

The one time I thought I managed to catch a konglish word before looking it up and feeling stupid… :melting_face:


Tbf, I see 스시 all the the time (more common than 초밥 in my experience) but my dumb brains still frequently types 수시 when looking for it. Even in Japanese, it sounds like 수시 not 스시… so not sure why Koreans transcribed it that way! :laughing:

(Can I also say that I love that you are fine with ‘마냐’ & ‘눈동자’ but hadn’t seen 스시 :joy:)

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Oups, that was a typo, I meant 마녀. But tbh I feel like my knowledge of Korean vocab is strange, I know some super specific and uncommon words and then idk some super easy and common words? There’s always these moments where I look up a word and somehow it’s a TOPIK I word that I don’t remember ever seeing or hearing before.

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