TV Series episodes appear late

Description of your request or bug report: currently TV series episodes sync at some fixed time. Meaning that new episodes aren’t available until the next day (at least in EST/EDT). This gets a bit frustrating, cuz then stuff gets marked on the wrong day, or it’s easy to forget altogether.

Request is to either have the synchronization be more frequent, or be specific to each series, or allow the user to add an episode as watched, while it’s status still says Not Yet Aired.

Trello link:

Hitting the sync button manually doesn’t sync the episodes?

I feel like it didn’t when I tried, but I’m not sure. I’ll check it with one of my weeklies this week.

It’s especially bad if the air date is wrong, like one day later than it actually comes out. Edit: example is 狼と香辛料, it comes out on Monday (at least where I live), but the air date in TMDB is Tuesday (probably as it’s 1 am on Tuesday in Japan).


So I just tried this now with ガールズバンドクライ S1 | L24 ep 12, which aired an hour ago, and it does not change the episode status.

It looks like what’s going on:

  • Episode airs 金曜日 24:30 (ie Saturday 0:30/12:30am JPT)
  • So TMDB lists it as the Saturday date… Which isn’t wrong, but
  • Natively is using either my local time zone (EDT), or some set time zone.
  • So the status won’t be Aired until sometime tomorrow for me, even though it’s already aired.