UI issue: Better date picker?

It’s easy to choose a wrong date, if it is not today, to finish a book, or to start. Particularly, month and year.

Choosing a date

Another issue here, is the year number here is cut off, just at the lowest digit.

Possible solutions?

  • A proper calendar UI component, with 4x3 grid for choosing month
  • Numbered months, just like in Japanese language (1月 - 12月)
  • Full numeral date type-in, with validator
Month chooser ideas



A related issue is, please give an option to choose a different date format. I am more used to date-month-year; but ISO year-month_number-date might be faster to read.

Trello link: (leave in blank)

Hi @polv ! So, I do have a proper calendar date widget, but the only issue is for partial date input. I do allow you to simply input ‘2023’ or ‘2022 May’ without a full date. Thus, I followed GoodReads UI for this, which are simple dropdowns. I could allow a popup for a month chooser like you mention, but is that better? Especially for mobile, I think dropdowns are better but I’m not sure.

I agree I could simply shorten the month dropdown and not cutoff the year… perhaps by using 3 letter abbreviations for months (Feb, Aug, Jun… etc).

I feel like @seanblue has had some thoughts about this datepicker in the past as well, so pinging him here too.

I went with year-month-date simply because that’s the order that’s required… you need a year, but month & day are optional.

I agree though, a simple datepicker may have been the right call and perhaps I’m compromising too much to allow people to put ‘2023’ only when in fact I could just force them to choose a specific date.

Will wait for more comments to determine whether or not to approve ticket.

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Isn’t it possible to make it toggle-able like in a settings option?

I’m actually a really big fan of allowing just a year at a bare minimum. I try to track my JP reads on Goodreads as well, but for some reason books I know I’ve read way back aren’t on my read list there; not sure if Goodreads swallowed them or I imagined entering them or what. Anyway, due to the fact that I’ve got a pile of manga that I read years ago and now have no record for when I read them, year’s about the only thing I can go by, maybe month as well if I’m lucky.

I’m really glad I can just put a year in Natively because I can still have that book counted as part of my year stats, if nothing else. Full date would be ideal, of course, but if I have to pick a random date because the site requires it, is it really tracking anything at that point? Anyway, just my two cents. I suppose if a full date were required, I’d just have to make a personal policy to mark all the books I don’t have full dates for as, like, Jan 1 of that year or something. But then it messes with my January stats. :thinking:


I don’t remember. My only feedback might have been that the order of the options in the dropdown felt backwards. :joy:

I only put in full dates and for that a proper picker would be an improvement, but I do agree that the partial input is useful too. I’m not sure if there’s a good way to allow both without cluttering the UI.

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I am complaining mostly about months, so a quick fix would be Settings to change date format, to numerical months.

Toggling between calendar UI and drop-down inputs would be another idea. Not in Settings, but directly at date selection forms.